1. Sarah Messmer

    An Innovative New Way to Present!



    I have recently discovered the amazing world of Prezi. It is a fun, exciting, interactive way to spice up those mundane PowerPoint presentations and boring old lectures. I used to program to create a presentation for a class that I taught, and the reaction was wonderful!  The students …

  2. Sarah Messmer

    How deep is your Digital Footprint?


    We’ve all done it. Posted something to the internet without a second thought. A curse word in a quick post to a friend on Facebook, a photo partying with friends (if you’re 21!), the list goes on. But how many of us have really stopped to consider how these off-the-cuff …

  3. Sarah Messmer

    Are you Information Fluent?

    In our New Media Literacies class, we have been discussing the topic of information fluency. That is, “a new liberal art which extends beyond technical skills and is conceived as the critical reflection on the nature of information itself, its technical infrastructure and its social, cultural and even philosophical context…
  4. Sarah Messmer

    Create Your Own Wiki Page!


    I have created a Wiki Tutorial, outlining the process of creating a wiki page!

    Wiki Pages can be used for many things, and are especially great to use in education. This tutorial is quick and simple, and everyone should check it out. Take advantage of this free and easy …

  5. Sarah Messmer

    Girl Talk Radio Show!



    My group and I just completed our 30 minutes radio-broadcast. We completed the project in two days, starting yesterday and finishing this morning. We started the process by creating a script which showed each segment that we wanted to include, what we were going to say, and who was …

  6. Sarah Messmer

    Obstacles As Leverage


    In the world today, it is common practice to view the many obstacles present in everyday life as forces which hold us back or prevent us from reaching a certain goal. We are used to being deterred from our paths because we “know” that there will always be “obstacles to …

  7. Sarah Messmer

    The Low-Down on Web 2.0


    Many of us have become very used to, or comfortable with, web 1.0. That is, websites that we can simply view, read, look at, but never interact-with or edit in any way. However, web 2.0 is beginning to make it’s debut through an increasing number of websites. Tim O’Reilly, in …

  8. Sarah Messmer

    A Personal Cyberinfrastructure


    In this video, Gardner Campbell speaks about the importance of implementing the use of personal cyberinfrastructures in the classroom. I have to admit that before viewing this video and reading his essay, which you can find here, I was extremely skeptical about the use of blogs and otherwise web-related …

  9. Sarah Messmer

    My Obsession With Marilyn


    Is anyone tired of hearing the phrase “Marilyn Monroe is my hero?” I think I probably hear it about ten to twelve times on the first day of classes when teachers announce the commencement of the dreaded ice-breaker, where each student must awkwardly state their name, hometown, major, and their …

  10. Sarah Messmer

    First time blogger!


    I have to admit, setting up this blog wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Actually, it was far from easy… try miles from easy. I can truthfully call myself one of the most technologically challenged humans to ever walk the earth. However, one of my redeeming traits is my …

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