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An Innovative New Way to Present!

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I have recently discovered the amazing world of Prezi. It is a fun, exciting, interactive way to spice up those mundane PowerPoint presentations and boring old lectures. I used to program to create a presentation for a class that I taught, and the reaction was wonderful!  The students were interested and engaged; they loved the movement and the graphics, but most of all, they loved that it was something new and different! After class, a student asked about the program; she was so interested that she wanted to find out how to use it herself. In response to this, I created a Prezi: How To, for those of you aspiring to jump out of the boring routine of  overheads, chalkboards and PowerPoints. Please take advantage of this amazing tool, whether you use it for yourself, or introduce your students to its possibilities, Prezi should not be overlooked!

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