How deep is your Digital Footprint?

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We’ve all done it. Posted something to the internet without a second thought. A curse word in a quick post to a friend on Facebook, a photo partying with friends (if you’re 21!), the list goes on. But how many of us have really stopped to consider how these off-the-cuff posts will effect us in the long-run?

I’m talking about Digital Footprints, here. Or rather – how to erase a digital footprint that you may not have been cognizant of before now. What is most important about this subject is that people realize that every action they take on the internet leaves a footprint; a trail of internet actions and reactions that is logged in cyber-space, only to come back and haunt us in later years. It must be understood that almost everything posted to the web becomes public, and may be seen, recorded, and logged, by anyone for any purpose. The best way to begin to work on leaving a positive Digital Footprint is by thinking twice about internet posts and activity. Before you say something on a friends wall, or pin a picture on pinterest, think to yourself ‘would I want my future employer, or my students to see this’? This link helps to put the Digital Footprint into perspective, ans contains another link at the bottom of the page which can be helpful in further understanding the subject.

Think before you post, people!

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