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  1. Olivia Guay

    Information Fluency

    Research is a dreaded part of student educational experience! Let’s try to make it as easy as possible for students to complete research fast and correctly! The questions to have them ask themselves throughout the research process: What am I … Continue reading
  2. Olivia Guay


    I had so much fun with my twitter chat! I was actually very surprised!  The time absolutely FLEW by !! I learned so many things and got so many different perspectives from different people from all over!  Whether it be … Continue reading
  3. Olivia Guay


     What are the benefits to online collaboration? Collaborating with people around the world online is something that has never been easier.  With all the new technology, people from Germany, Japan, Madrid, or  Ghana and just a click away!  The great thing … Continue reading
  4. Olivia Guay

    Radio SHOW!

    Making this radio show was challenging and fun! I was really surprised at how quickly my group was able to create the entire show.  We worked on it in the library on night, using a rough outline and two computers. … Continue reading
  5. Olivia Guay

    Cool sites!

    I love browsing online; looking for a good site! I feel like it’s a game.. like finding a great site is winning a prize! It is hard to find an all around good website, especially ones that don’t get a … Continue reading
  6. Olivia Guay

    Web 2.0? hmmm…

    Web 2.0 !!!! instead of just reading and viewing information, we can share things! i think that when “this” first came about people didnt really understand how to get the full potential out of this great tool! i think that … Continue reading
  7. Olivia Guay

    Hello everone!

    This has not been an easy process! I had some real troubles trying to make my Blog but I believe I have finally figured everything out! As of what’s to come; I am playing around with the creative side of … Continue reading

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