1. Olivia Guay

    reflecting on the semester…


    “Thinking about English 307…”

    This semester in eng307 has taught me so much! I have learned more skills and applications in this class then I ever have in another class.

    What I will take from this class will be greatly beneficial to my future as an educator.  I am more …

  2. Olivia Guay

    What does my footprint look like?


    When I think about my digital footprint it really makes me wonder how much I don’t know about the internet…


    The places that I search, the comments I leave, or the emails I send are all recorded and can easily be traced back to me. Interesting…

    The power of …

  3. Olivia Guay

    Isn’t everything reMIXed?


    One of the most popular new music trends is based solely on remixing and mashing up songs.  MIX is IN!

    There are festivals and concerts that consist and a mix of beats and non-lyrical songs for hours at a time.

    It has become a well known and profitable talent!

    Music …

  4. Olivia Guay

    Information Fluency


    Research is a dreaded part of student educational experience! Let’s try to make it as easy as possible for students to complete research fast and correctly!

    The questions to have them ask themselves throughout the research process:

    What am I searching for?

    This question should be the first task when …

  5. Olivia Guay



    I had so much fun with my twitter chat! I was actually very surprised!  The time absolutely FLEW by !! I learned so many things and got so many different perspectives from different people from all over!  Whether it be a pre-service teacher or a 20+year teacher, everyone had awesome …

  6. Olivia Guay



     What are the benefits to online collaboration?

    Collaborating with people around the world online is something that has never been easier.  With all the new technology, people from Germany, Japan, Madrid, or  Ghana and just a click away!  The great thing about collaborating with people from different corners of the …

  7. Olivia Guay

    Radio SHOW!


    Making this radio show was challenging and fun! I was really surprised at how quickly my group was able to create the entire show.  We worked on it in the library on night, using a rough outline and two computers.  The tools that we used were soundcloud and garageband.  Both …

  8. Olivia Guay

    “Failing our Kids!”


    In this blog post in Will Richardson’s book, Learning on the Blog; I found the content very realistic and truthful.  The father writing the post, who is talking mainly about his sons basketball team seems to have a strong opinion about modern learning; an opinion that I share.

    The examples …

  9. Olivia Guay

    Barbie Audio Assignment!


    This 3 star Audio Assignment was so fun! I loved pretending to be Barbie

    When I was a little girl my obsession was barbie dolls, I had literally hundreds! FUN!

    The way that I created this recording was by using soundcloud, and recording my voice- with background music I had …

  10. Olivia Guay

    Fresh and fashion forward!


    My favorite color changes all the time!! With each fashion season, comes new colors. For example, this winter I have been obsessed with skin color (nude), and for last summer it was all about coral!  For this summer I am predicting lots of neon, the brighter the better!!!

    As …

  11. Olivia Guay

    Happy Leap Day!!!


    Isn’t it weird that this one day comes every four years! I thought that for this Daily Create; showing some type of leap that I would show not a leap literally, but instead, a leap with my heart!

    I am so in love! I have been with my boyfriend for …

  12. Olivia Guay

    Design Assignments (10 Stars!)


    I Love the design assignments!!! I found the assignments fun and creative! As a future educator I want to not only give assignments such as essays and book reports, but also creative things like these design assignments! I think its important to give students the chance to be creative and …

  13. Olivia Guay

    10 STAR Visual Assignments


    In the last few weeks we have been playing a lot with Photoshop and other editing tools! I have been having so much fun with all the different ways to edit pictures and also all the ways to take a good photo.  The main thing is trying to make a …

  14. Olivia Guay

    Cool sites!


    Finding that one great site!

    I love browsing online; looking for a good site! I feel like it’s a game.. like finding a great site is winning a prize! It is hard to find an all around good website, especially ones that don’t get a lot of publicity (those are …

  15. Olivia Guay

    Web 2.0? hmmm…


    Web 2.0 !!!! instead of just reading and viewing information, we can share things! i think that when “this” first came about people didnt really understand how to get the full potential out of this great tool! i think that people still dont know how much they can do with …

  16. Olivia Guay

    Hello everone!


    This has not been an easy process! I had some real troubles trying to make my Blog but I believe I have finally figured everything out! As of what’s to come; I am playing around with the creative side of things… THEMES! I want my page to reflect who I …

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