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“Thinking about English 307…”

This semester in eng307 has taught me so much! I have learned more skills and applications in this class then I ever have in another class.

What I will take from this class will be greatly beneficial to my future as an educator.  I am more excited then ever to get the rest of my schooling done and start working!

     Before this semester I always knew that technology was becoming a crucial part of education. However, I never really looked into how far you can go and how much you can do with technology in the classroom.

Thinking outside the box– or thinking outside the book!

It is important to read and write- of course! However, those are not the only skills students should be able to do.  The world and work place is changing dramatically into a fast pace and efficient style.  If people don’t learn how to use technology their chances of getting a job or furthering their education goes down!

There is a lot to be taken from english 307! Some of my favorites: 21st Century Literacy, Creative Commons, and Everything is a Remix!!!

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