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I love music so I decided to show how to buy a song from iTunes!

Step 1: Open up your iTunes:

   (Open us the iTunes…its the second from the bottom on the left)

Step 2: Once your iTunes is open, clip on the iTunes store which is the first one under the category store on the left.

This is the front page of the iTunes store right after we clicked on it.

Step 3: If you are not sure what song you want, you should browse your options. The browse options is one your right under Quick Links. It is the 4th one down. After you have clicked the browse button, go through your options.

For this example I chose the music option in the first column on the left. In  the next column, you choose the type of music. For the example we chose country. In the third column, you choose what kind of country (or music you chose) I chose contemporary country. The next column you choose the artist. In this example, I chose Josh Turner. Next, you can scroll through his list of songs or choose the whole album like I did. Finally, you look through the songs and choose one. You do this by clicking buy and then go through the prompts they give you. Sometimes you might have to sign into your account if you hadn’t already. Just follow the prompts and before you know the song will be in your iTunes library!

Good Luck! :)

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