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  1. Nicole  Morello

    Digital Citizenship

    Digital Citezenship   Digital citenship is an important concept for our students to understand, each one of the elements. It is equally, if not even more important for teachers to understand and adhere to this concept. The first step is for us to understand that access to electronics is essential, in every way, not simply ...
  2. Nicole  Morello

    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-12

    @teachingwthsoul This sounds great! I'm pre-service at SUNY Cortland. Poetry in the classroom…count me in! #eng307 in reply to teachingwthsoul # @ktvee Or they have been taught poetry in the very traditional way. in reply to ktvee # @engaginged @evilpandas I completely agree! Students need to relate to it! Have fun with it. Each person ...
  3. Nicole  Morello

    Information Fluency

    Information fluency, in it’s basic form, is the ability to navigate the web efectively, to be able to use search engines for specific purposes, to be able to tell the credibility of the text in questions. This article here is a great starting point for understanding digital information fluency. As a pre-service teacher I think ...
  4. Nicole  Morello

    If you wish to make a an impact for one year, plant corn. If you wish to make in impact for a generation, plant a tree. But, if you wish to make an impact on eternity, educate a child. 2012-04-07 11:06:41

    Online Collaboration Article   The idea of online collaborationg has been in step for some time now. It is making interaction so much easier. The article that I have attatched above is a great source for learning how to structure online collaboartion. Though it may seem as though this is directly for online classrooms, the ...
  5. Nicole  Morello


    Tonight I participated in #ntchat. Tonights discussion was on poetry use in the classroom. There were so many awesome ideas being discussed , and it was really cool to be able to discuss this with so many people at once, with varying levels of experience. This is a screenshot of part of the discussion, it ...
  6. Nicole  Morello

    “Cortand Creeper Status”

    This was a very interesting process. Emily, Lindsay, Ashley and I all got together and brainstormed what topics we would likes to cover for our radio show, what would be appealing to our target audience? After we brainstormed we tried to talk out how we wanted our show to sound before we started scripting it. ...
  7. Nicole  Morello

    TDC 70

    For this daily create we had to take a picture of a liminal space. I took this picture from my living room looking out into the world. I loved this daily create because I was inside doing homework all day, but my mind wanted to be outside in the sun. I was in between two ...
  8. Nicole  Morello

    My Creative Desk

      I prefer to do my creative thinking and writing outside at beautiful places. Or, when it’s winter, at least looking out my window at the snow. However, since I spen dmost of my time on campus, I do most of my work here at my desk. I usualy write my creative pieces on my ...
  9. Nicole  Morello

    Week 7 TDC’s

    TDC52 This is a picture of me leaping onto my friend. The assignment was to take a picture of  a leap. I chose this because often we take leaps of faith with people in our lives and this physical action shows that sometimes those leaps turn out to be great things!   TDC57 This is ...
  10. Nicole  Morello

    Australian Mcdonals Order

    So I did Audio Assignment383, which was to record making an order from Mcdonals with some kind of accent. I pratices a few times with different accents, not really sure how to do one or which one to do. I have a tendency to switch accents mid-sentence. So, I tried really hard to keep my ...
  11. Nicole  Morello

    Australian Mcdonals Order

    So I did Audio Assignment383, which was to record making an order from Mcdonals with some kind of accent. I pratices a few times with different accents, not really sure how to do one or which one to do. I have a tendency to switch accents mid-sentence. So, I tried really hard to keep my ...
  12. Nicole  Morello

    Design your Own Life!

    This is the first design assignment I did. Here is the URL for the assignment: <> I had fun putting this together. This picture it gave as an example was a lama (I think) with sponge bob’s head. I was looking at some cute animals and saw a duck. I thought what better than to ...
  13. Nicole  Morello

    Beauty all Around

    TDC035 This is a tatoo that my friend recently got after giving birth to her first baby boy. It embodies the meaning of family. The name of her son is on the bottom, and the name of her fiance is on the top. Even though it is not an image that she can see to ...
  14. Nicole  Morello

    So wonderful, yet stains so red…

    This is a photo from about 4 years ago. It is not a very good picture. But I was so excited about how big this strawberry was, I just had to take a picture of it. But then it left red on my teeth at prom and I was embarresed. Oh Well. Anyways, I used ...
  15. Nicole  Morello

    Look like who?

    This is my good friend. I ran her face through to find her celebrity look-a-like. It came up with Demi Moore. I used FotoFlexer to crop the picture of my friend so that it was only her face. I then added the photo of Demi and stretched it to be right next to my ...
  16. Nicole  Morello

    Don’t even try to fly.

    I never really watched superman as a kid; the idea of a man pretending to fly around just never made sense to me. I found this comic and started laughing because it’s kind of how I felt.  I googled how to create your own poster and all I had to do was download the picture, ...
  17. Nicole  Morello

    I bet you didn’t know…

    So, this is my boyfriends little nephew and puppy, and the below image is my boyfriend and his dog. This word, as you can see meant to make a squeaking sound by sucking air past your lips to gain the attention of a dog or child. So immiiatly I thought of this picture! Jax likes ...
  18. Nicole  Morello

    Light in the Darkness

      This is my light in the darkness. The oringinal photo is from my high school graduation. I lit this to commemorate that a new light was being lit in my life, a new path was being forged. I used FotoFlexer and connected it to my Flicker account. FotoFlexer is a very easy tool to ...
  19. Nicole  Morello

    I Promise…

      For the daily create 31, we had to take a picture that captured the happiest day in our lives. I didn’t even have to think about this. My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly three years now. On our  two year anniversary he gave me this ring. I’ll never forget what he ...

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