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  1. Abby Hanrahan

    Good Chatter!

    Tonight I participated in a Tweet chat with English Teachers from around the world. I thought this was a very neat experience once I got used to it. There were so many people that participated in the #edchat that it … Continue reading
  2. Abby Hanrahan


    Many of today’s schools are hesitant about accepting technology as a helpful resource for learning because although the benefits of having an online life are limitless, unfortunately, many traditional classrooms/teachers are only able to see one side of the web- … Continue reading
  3. Abby Hanrahan


    The objective of this daily create was to take a picture that enhances the color yellow.  I began looking around my house for anything yellow and realized that I don’t really own anything yellow! I was surprised because it’s such … Continue reading
  4. Abby Hanrahan

    KAV Radioooo!

    YAY! KAV Radio is finallllly finished and ready to view This was such a process. We started out feeling good and having a great time with it, but unfortuantely, it was all downhill from there. The three of us that … Continue reading
  5. Abby Hanrahan


    For this assignment, I took two different songs into audacity and split them so the songs were just instrumental. I overlapped the tracks so they began to play simultaneously and then added the effects “fade in” and “fade out” so … Continue reading
  6. Abby Hanrahan

    We are young

    For this final assignment, I decided to choose the one where you take any photo from “The Big Picture” and overlay it with lyrics from a Top 100 song. I chose a picture of a model from fashion week and … Continue reading
  7. Abby Hanrahan


    A place that I’ve never been but have always wanted to go- Ireland. I am of Irish heritage and still have some family there.  On top of that, my cousin visited over the summer and had an incredible time which has encouraged me to go … Continue reading
  8. Abby Hanrahan

    Comic Book Effect–

    For this assignment, I used two different programs  to see which one was easier and worked most effectively. This picture to the right was created through pixlr ( I uploaded the picture–>filter–>pointinize. Then I used the paint tool along the … Continue reading
  9. Abby Hanrahan

    All Gone!

    The daily create 29! Take a picture of something upside down that is never seen that way. (the wine bottle and glass are about 3 feet tall by the way!)

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