1. Abby Hanrahan

    1.0 vs. 2.0



    Digital storytelling puts a name to a familiar concept.  This means that students can learn collaboratively and much faster than ever before. The learning is no longer one dimensional, as it was with 1.0.  With 2.0, students can be an active part of their learning community, adding, taking away, …

  2. Abby Hanrahan

    Digital Facelifts & Personal Cyber-Infrastructure


    In 307, we have discussed becoming master learners and the difficulty that entails. I think that corresponds well with what Gardner Campbell says about incorporating technology into the classroom.  It’s difficult to take the step toward a technology based classroom because most teachers are intimidated by the idea of not …

  3. Abby Hanrahan

    Hello world!


    I did it!  My blog is finally set up and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

    I started by going step by step through the instructions, but as I continued to click on more and more links, I found myself getting away from (and forgetting) the initial page with …

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