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    Tonight I participated in #engchat, a chat on twitter for those of us interesting is the English education. The chat was extremely interesting, there were so many people interacting and sharing ideas. I just wish I was a little more skilled at keeping up with all the different conversations. …

  2. Erin Rougeux

    We’re all in this together


    I think collaboration is such an extremely important aspect in educational systems today. The web has made all kinds of collaboration available to teachers, students, and administrators. There are so many ways in which we can use online sources to collaborate within our school or community or even outside our …

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    This is the ringtone I made for my Audio Assignment! I made it using the effects on Garageband. It was pretty simple, but actually took my a while because I played around with lots of different sounds. (2 Stars)…

  4. Erin Rougeux

    My Favorite Smell


    Daily Create: 50

    My favorite smell is my pillow. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with smelling my pillow, weird- I know.

  5. Erin Rougeux

    Radio Broadcast Reflection


    This assignment was both difficult and fun at the same time. I really enjoyed figuring out Garageband on my mac. Although it was interesting, it did take a lot of time to figure out how to combine tracks and edit the tracks after we recorded them. I had a hard …

  6. Erin Rougeux

    er bear :)


    Today’s daily create was to take a picture of something that portrays your favorite color. This assignment was perfect for me, because I am OBSESSED with the color pink, so I had lots of pink things to choose from. I chose to photograph my build-a-bear er bear, because it is …

  7. Erin Rougeux

    A place I’ve never been …


    I created this in Picnik, and it was so much fun. First I searched through Flicker for inspiration then chose the background pattern and uploaded it into Picnik. Then I played with the colors, until I found a style I liked and though fit Egypt. Then I added 4 triangle …

  8. Erin Rougeux

    the cover of my autobiography


    For this assignment I took a photo from my trip to Prague that I loved both the image and the story behind. Locks signifying things coming together. I choose this picture because I think my autobiography right now would be about bringing the different parts of my life and personality …

  9. Erin Rougeux

    never growing up …


    Daily Create 38: a photo that describes how hold you feel.

    This photo is perfect to describe how I feel. I am in such a middle stage in my life that I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that soon enough I will be an adult (some …

  10. Erin Rougeux

    Hunger Games Post Card


    Digital Assignment 363: 4 Stars

    This Assignment was a little difficult for me because there were a lot of steps, but it was so much fun! This is an assignment that I can see students really enjoying. First I found all the photos I would use then uploaded them to …

  11. Erin Rougeux

    Educational Parkour


    Bill Generaux makes a fabulous metaphor in his post Who Is Ed Parker.  Education is 100% running, leaping, maneuvering through obstacles. It is the teachers who roll with the punches, adjust and mold as they go and learn that are truly great teachers in this modern technology filled age. …

  12. Erin Rougeux

    Where I’m From


    I’m from the white house with blue shutters

    All that’s missing was the white picket fence

    I’m from the cherry blossoms

    And swimming in the river


    I’m from the baseball park next door

    From a two-story tree house

    And the sound of cars being made


    I’m from “these …

  13. Erin Rougeux

    Web 2.0 Storytelling


    These articles were interesting in that they pointed out how I already use web 2.0 storytelling. When I first heard the term, I was quite baffled to be honest but turns out I do it all the time. My personal blog is like a diary type story of my life, …

  14. Erin Rougeux

    Response to Gardner Campbell


    I enjoyed what Dr. Campbell had to say about teaching through the new technological lens that frames our society. As he makes clear, and as I completely agree, technology needs to be taught in mainstream classrooms. This doesn’t mean the use of an online chatroom for discussion. Teachers need to …

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    So, I am a little uneasy about this blog creation process. I knew I was far from a tech expert but I had some MAJOR trouble setting this thing up. First thing I had to do was find out what a domain name and webhosting even was. After I (somewhat) …

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