1. antoinette

    Tweet Tweet Rockin Robin


        I really enjoyed participating in an educational Twitter chat it was a great experience. At first I was a little overwhelmed because it was hard to keep up with all the new tweets coming in. But then I realized that it wasn’t an entire conversation flowing that quickly …

  2. antoinette

    Collaboration Nation


    I think one of the most important points that is made in this article about Online Collaboration is the mention of an agreement. Having students collaborate online can be extremely helpful especially when you would like to cover other important material in class instead of dedicating it to group work. …

  3. antoinette

    Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner


      Write Favorite Movie Line I’m pretty new at the recording process. However, even though I know I’m not that great at it, I still chose to complete the daily create assignment asking me to record a video of me writing my favorite movie line. I also added music from …

  4. antoinette

    Jack be nimble Jack be quick!


      yup that’s right you guessed it! Today’s daily create: take a picture from the inside of something looking out, was a candle holder. It was sitting at the dining room table trying to think of what I could climb inside of to take a creative photo and then it …

  5. antoinette

    lovely leaps


      I absolutely love this picture of my best friend Mel and I. It just takes me back to freshman year of school when we had so little to worry about. The leap in this picture is so carefree and indicative of the life we used to live before we …

  6. antoinette

    Would you like fries with that?


      This assignment was one of the more fun assignments I’ve done. I really liked how we were asked to play around with different accents, that made the creation process really entertaining for me and for everyone else in my house. I tried to do my best British impersonation however …

  7. antoinette

    “What’s Inside of You?”


    I had fun with this assignment, however, I found myself regretting the program I used to create it as I tried to save it in a format that would allow me to open it in this post. I used Microsoft Powerpoint to create my poster detailing what’s “inside of me”. …

  8. antoinette

    Minimalist Philosophy


    “Never define your life in black and white because there’s so much hiding among the grays.” This is one of my favorite quotes of all time. Which ironically enough is why it’s my philosophy. I chose this picture to create my poster because I feel it just so accurately meshes …

  9. antoinette

    Autobiography Cover


    I chose to do this design assignment because I really enjoyed the idea of using a picture and titling it to represent my life. It’s hard to come up with a title for your life I soon found out the hard way. However, I finally decided on a title I …

  10. antoinette

    Alternative Book Cover


    In order to create an alternative book cover I had to find a book in which I could alter the meaning. That was the difficult part for me. I couldn’t find a book title where I could insert a different picture to make it appear to be about something different. …

  11. antoinette

    the cooking realm, where weird becomes exquisite


      This is representative of my time at Wegmans. I have been working for Wegmans since I was fifteen and I am still working there on my breaks from school. I started out working on the front end as a cashier. I paid my dues after spending three years on …

  12. antoinette

    art is the only way to run away without leaving home


                          Mission Defamiliarize was my favorite assignment! I enjoyed taking everyday items and photographing them in a way that portrays them as unfamiliar items. The first picture is of my kitchen cabinets, taken from an angle underneath them and then …

  13. antoinette

    deceptive perceptions



    I had fun collecting the items to photograph for this assignment. Everything in this bucket was sitting somewhere in my kitchen. I chose these items because they were brightly colored and I thought they would make for an interesting color twist. I tweaked the color in this photo by …

  14. antoinette

    The best things in life, are not things



    The thing I hold most dear to my heart is my family. Things break, relationships fail, the glitter in the air will fade but your family is timeless. Even when they are no longer with you, they helped shape who you are and their memories will help shape who …

  15. antoinette

    come. sit. watch. let me show you my story.



    I created a Digital Story about wine!

    I used Animoto to create my Digital story. I was introduced to Animoto last semester and I fell in love with it! It’s super user friendly and the videos always come out so beautiful!

    It was great to finally put my …

  16. antoinette

    respective perspective



    This is a magnetic picture frame with three pictures stuck to it. I simply played around with the angle of the picture, and the exposure. My goal in making these pictures of myself and my cousins my own piece of artwork was to draw the eye to other elements …

  17. antoinette

    I don’t know about milk, but I got tat’s!


    This is my one and only tattoo.

    I got this in October of 2008 right after my birthday. I distinctly remember my parents taking me out for my birthday dinner and telling me not to go and do anything stupid now that I was 18… less than a month later …

  18. antoinette

    Made from the best stuff on earth?


    Upside Down

    What does the best stuff on earth consist of exactly? According to Snapple: tea leaves, filtered water, citric acid, tea and other natural flavors.

    But what do you think the best stuff on earth is?

     freshly mowed grass

    cherry-flavored chapstick

    ice-cold tea on a hot day

    hot cocoa …

  19. antoinette

    Meet me by the swingset


    The idea of Ed Parkour, teacher’s who aren’t intimidated by the slew of variables that constantly work against them, is an inspirational one. Parkour, typically defined as: the sport of traversing environmental obstacles by running, climbing, or leaping rapidly and efficiently– reminds me of a jungle gym. Isn’t that essentially …

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