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Tweet Tweet

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I have been a twitter user for a while now, and I actually had no idea what a tweet chat was until recently. When researching what a tweet chat was, I came across an interesting comparison to “small talk at a cocktail party” and I found that to be humorous. What is a tweet chat? Well, to put it simply, it is when various twitter users come together at a specific scheduled time to discuss a particular topic. You can search topics that interest you right at the top of the page. There are millions! I tried looking at a schedule of chats and I couldn’t really find something that I was interested in at the time, however I know I love English.

Being a current English Education major, I decided to search something like that. Luckily there was a chat going on at that very moment, it was the #englishmajor chat. Tweets after tweets started popping up discussing how English majors hate how their friends text. They began talking about the dialect or discourse of texting and how we shorten words in our electronic messages. One student brought up a funny time where her father tried to “talk text slang” and she couldn’t understand anything he was saying. Word to the wise, just spell it out! J I had a fun time participating in the chat, although at first I wasn’t sure if I was doing it correctly. I didn’t really talk with the chatters, but I did say hello and watch the stream load tweet after tweet. I think this experience is something that would be beneficial for those interested in flushing out their ideas about a particular topic, so give it a try!

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