Digital Citizenship

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After all of our studies and learning about multi-modality and learning in the digital age, it’s important for us to understand exactly what ‘digital citizenship’ is.  Digital citizenship is composed of 9 key themes: Access, commerce, communication, literacy, etiquette , law, rights & responsibilities, health & wellness, and finally security.

Success at these elements are all key to becoming a productive online citizen.  And much like information fluency, we again see the component of etiquette and laws about information online.  It’s so stressful to conduct yourself in an ethical way when navigating and using information found on the web.

More and more technology will be implemented in schools to facilitate greater learner.  As a future teacher and learner, it’s imperative to keep your students fully aware of their conduct online, and take responsibility for their own digital citizenship.

Lets keep our digital footprints clean and pure…

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