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Dual Citizenship

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In today’s society everyone has dual citizenship- one that is the traditional and one for the digital world.As the technological world continues to expand and create even more of a foot hold in our lives, the laws of this “new” society need to be outlined. This article here does a great job of breaking down nine of the most important themes.

Digital access is the first step. Everyone needs to be granted access to the technology and all that comes with it. It is important for those with access to aid others in getting access. This is a community  that can only grow and open up more opportunities.

Digital commerce is the next big step. We are granted access to so many great things when we use the internet. This is now a resource to increase the flow of commerce, but it need to be used mindfully. Illegally downloading copyrighted material, illicit websites and illegal trading are all possibilities on the internet. We need to be aware of them and steer clear. We also need to teach others to stay away from them as well.

As we build a footprint for ourselves on the internet, we are going to want to start talking. You can connect with people around the world that are working on the same goals as you. As long as you are aware of how to safely conduct yourself, then the sky is the limit. The biggest payoff of digital citizenship is that you can learn, network and create with people all around the world- something that was never possible for everyone before. Yes, there are rules to how to do this, but they only make the experience better.

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