1. khrystie

    Looking to Move? Here’s How!


    Recently, I’ve discovered that my although my time at this specific domain will come to an end, that doesn’t mean that all my blog content will be lost! Good news to fellow bloggers who are looking to move to new sites… whatever the reason may be! I’m here to share …

  2. khrystie

    Twitter Chat Made Simple!


    Interested in becoming part of a larger conversation about the things you’re interested in? Do you want to talk to people all around the world, giving and receiving information across distances? How about having meaningful interactions where links and documents can be shared in 140 characters or less? If this …

  3. khrystie

    I’m Moving… Come Join Me!


    As the semester comes to an end, my time here at this domain does too. I have really enjoyed getting to learn how to navigate WordPress… so I’ve moved to another WordPress site! I would love to receive the same great feedback there as I did here, so click here

  4. khrystie

    Reading Critically: A Short How-To


    There’s been much attention drawn to students being able to read critically – especially with the integration of more Non-Fiction texts. But what does it mean to “read critically?”  Critical readers learn to recognize not only what a text is saying, but also how that text is portraying the information.  …

  5. khrystie

    Talkin’ on Twitter


    The way that we make connections is changing rapidly due to the advancements of technology. As I have said in the past, we are making shifts to incorporate these technologies in the classroom, but they can also be used to build our own Personal Learning Networks. Tonight, for the first …

  6. khrystie

    Why Collaborate?


    As an educator, it’s important to recognize that collaboration doesn’t “just happen.” In fact, if we want it to go as effectively as possible, we need to be able to set the stage for collaboration well before we expect students to do the same.  In Chapter 2, entitled “The Process

  7. khrystie

    20th Century & 21st Century Teachers


    Still wondering what it takes to be a teacher in the 21st century? In a world where technology continues to advance and learning becomes a collaborative effort, there’s been a definite shift in the teacher’s role. Check out this humorous video that explores the differences between teaching in the 20th …

  8. khrystie

    Recommended Read


    t’s so interesting to recognize the power that words can hold over you. They can make you laugh, cry or fill you with emotions too powerful to describe. Words can change your outlook or aid in self-recognition. Recently, I have been deeply moved by John Green’s word in his newest …

  9. khrystie

    Media Literacy Education


    The media has become an ingrained part of our culture; we can’t go anywhere without being bombarded by the messages the media wants us to believe. In order to effectively interpret and reflect upon the messages portrayed in the media, we need to become media literate. This means expanding our …

  10. khrystie



    The media has become one of the primary sources for distribution of content; what the media shows is reflected in what the public buys, says and does. It becomes both the “message and the messenger,” influencing our society, our discourses along with our brains and emotions.  Unfortunately, women are not …

  11. khrystie

    The Inside Scoop on KAV Radio


    After a long wait, here is our radio show in its completeness! It was quite the process to complete, but we finally did it and KAV is ready to be heard! Before, I blogged about the some of the obstacles we faced and hard to believe – but we encountered …

  12. khrystie

    This Door, That Door


    When I saw that the assignment called for a “liminal state betweeen two realities,” I could not help but immediately think of my doorway. I have a pretty unique setup – an outside door that doesn’t lead directly to the inside. Instead, it leads just to a case of VERY …

  13. khrystie

    A Teachable Moment: GarageBand Edition


    Really learning something new is such a unique feeling – it’s challenging, yet rewarding. In class this semester, I have felt so accomplished, as we’ve work our way through new programs and utilized various mediums. I taught myself how to create several different design and visual assignments, each with characteristics …

  14. khrystie

    Daily Creates


    I thought this assignment was a great way to express how I’ve been feeling. It’s so much more creative than just using words or images – the colors represent a wide range of emotion. For me this week, the majority of my feeling circle is yellow. I thought this would …

  15. khrystie

    Education is Our Weapon


    As I was browsing online, I found this image:


    “Education is the Most Powerful Weapon”
    I thought it was a really powerful picture – the combination of the words and the gun come together to convey a message that is truly intriguing. I think a lot of students don’t view …

  16. khrystie

    More Daily Creates


    This recording might sound like a completely different language, but it’s actually me saying my name… Backwards! I had a lot of fun with this assignment, even though I had never even thought to say my own name in such a way. It took several tries to finally get the …

  17. khrystie

    My Education Philosophy


    “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” -William Butler Yeats
    I think this quote is such an important one to keep in mind, that I decided it would be perfect for creating my own Design philosophy. To me, this means that learning is …

  18. khrystie

    On This Day…. in 1789


    This Design Assignment actually doubled as a mini History lesson for me. I always knew that I was born on Thanksgiving; my Mom had to miss turkey dinner to rush to the hospital! So when researching when Thanksgiving actually started being observed I was pretty surprised – I honestly thought …

  19. khrystie

    It’s a Secret!


    PostSecret has become the newest way to anonymously share secrets with a large community of people online. Several books have even resulted as a sign of its success among people of all ages. I have been checking the PostSecret blog every Sunday for about two years! So when given the …

  20. khrystie

    Guess That Tune!


    As my second design assignment, I chose to do something that was a bit more fun! Can you name this tune by simply looking at the image I designed!?
    For the answer, click here! (“Singing in the Rain” as sung by Gene Kelly)

    To complete this assignment, I simply uploaded …

  21. khrystie

    Week Four: Daily Creates


    After making some cupcakes for a birthday, my other friend and I got to enjoy some food served in an unconventional way: frosting from right out of the can. In my apartment, we are often eating food in unconventional ways, just because it’s so much quicker and easier that way. …

  22. khrystie

    If Movie Posters Told the Truth…


    For this assignment, I picked a movie that has remained popular among women of all ages. I’m definitely not a big crier during movies, but this one had me shedding tears! I chose to include the words, “A Love Story That Will Always Leave Girls Crying” because that has been …

  23. khrystie

    Buddy Photo





    This little “buddy” was given to  me  by a friend while at one of the local spots here in town. The tiny horse figurine is constantly moving all over the place though! Whenever someone comes over to our apartment, they move it and position him in a …

  24. khrystie

    Blackout Poetry


    I was very inspired by the idea of changing a texts meaning by simply “blacking out” some of the letters. So I choose to explore the same passage in two different ways: Each of the photos depicts a different view on love. Just by being able to control what was …

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