1. Ashley Keough

    Digitize Yourself Right


    The world is constantly changing. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with this technological world where digital media has gone viral and know how to navigate through this new world. However, once you know the steps to how to become the very best digital citizen you can be, it becomes …

  2. Ashley Keough

    Information Fluency…Huh?!


    From the title of this post, most of you readers are probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. I’ll tell you. It’s about the internet and our every day daily relationship with the world-wide web. In order to be fluent in this type of world, one must be …

  3. Ashley Keough

    ELL Chat


    What an interesting experience! I just participated in an educational twitter chat about ELL’s and it couldn’t have been a more eye-opening experience! I learned so much about what some schools/teachers do with their ELL students and the ways in which their parents can become more involved as well. There …

  4. Ashley Keough

    2 Realities Through a Window


    For yesterday’s dailycreate, the assignment was to photograph the idea of “windows, gates and doors represent[ing] the liminial state between two realities” (http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc70/). As I thought about that idea sitting at my desk, I looked out the window and saw the windows that outlook my window. Then I thought that …

  5. Ashley Keough

    Drama Queen


    For this week’s audio assignment for two stars I chose to read an advertisement in Cosmopolitan magazine in my most dramatic voice. I had a lot of fun with it, although I felt silly recording it and my housemates probably think I’m crazy but it’s all for the creative good!…

  6. Ashley Keough

    “You smell like a baby prostitute”


    For yesterday’s dailycreate I took a picture of my favorite smell which has a great back story, at least I think so. The women in my family start trends that are usually passed down to the younger people-myself included- and can consist of old clothes that no longer fit, jewelry, …

  7. Ashley Keough

    ashmarieblogs.info 2012-02-21 01:15:53


    For my last design assignment, I chose to tell the truth about a movie. Personally, I’m getting tired of all these unrealistic romantic comedies about gorgeous girls falling for these below average guys with no job, no future, no goals–I.E. Knocked Up with Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen. So for …

  8. Ashley Keough

    D for DS106


    So after almost an hour of tedious photoshoping and phone calls between my tech savvy boyfriend, I created this DS106 movie poster inspired by the movie poster V for Vendetta. After finding the perfect picture I went onto photoshop and replaced the bottom with black, clone tooled the tan over …

  9. Ashley Keough

    The Pro-Blog Awareness Campaign


    For my second design assignment I attempted to create a propaganda poster about blogging as a Pro-Blog campaign to pair with American’s first amendment. I found this poster in a google search about the most famous propaganda photos during wartime. I felt this poster “spoke” to the common people of …

  10. Ashley Keough



    This was my first design assignment for two stars and it was so fun to do! I took a PhotoBooth picture of myself–a program I fell in love with when I first got my mac–and uploaded the photo onto picnik. Then I played around with a few photo effects to …

  11. Ashley Keough

    A New Twist on Vintage


    I had fun with this assignment…I picked an old not so great photo I took years ago and applied a vintage affect and added a saying I thought fitted the picture in a helvetica font. The assignment was very self explanatory but I think you made it your own by …

  12. Ashley Keough

    My Ex Ashton..Demi Aint Got Nothin On Me


    This assignment so was easy to do and finally gave me the outlet to brag how my ex looked EXACTLY like my dream boyfriend Ashton Kutcher! He always said people told him he looked like Ashton but once I found a certain picture of Ashton–above–the resemblance was uncanny! All I …

  13. Ashley Keough

    “I Feel Pretty Oh So Pretty…”


    This was by far my favorite visual assignment to do. This picture of my little brother was taken after a never-ending eating session at Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving about 4 years ago. My little brother, James, is a very charismatic little boy–at least when this photo was taken, now he’s …

  14. Ashley Keough

    Take the path of least resistance


    I chose to use this picture I found a long time ago when I was bored on google one day and it inspired me. I then saw that this assignment was to take an inspirational image and pair it with a famous quote and I chose the words of Emerson …

  15. Ashley Keough

    Love can bloom again



    This affect I gave this rose given to me by the man who loves me, encompasses what it was like for me to open up again to the idea of love. Break-ups and watching other relationships fail gave me little hope that I would find real love for myself, …

  16. Ashley Keough

    Cupid Makes Me Creative


    For today’s DailyCreate–Toy in Action–I chose to take a picture of my light up Valentine’s Day Bear Toy but sadly, I wasn’t able to catch it’s flashing red lights in action so I decided to make it fly in a downwards direction. To those of you less imaginative …

  17. Ashley Keough

    Educators as Olympians


    After reading the post about “Who is Ed Parkour?” it gave me a new understanding about our role as future educators. Not only must we teach with all our hearts and put every effort we have into all we do, but we must “jump through hoops” in the process. This …

  18. Ashley Keough

    Assignment 2: Response to Gardner Campbell’s “Personal Cyberinfrastructure” essay & “No More Digital Facelifts” video


    After reading Gardner Campbell’s essay and watching his talk about “Digital facelifts” in the video provided, I came out of the experience with a new appreciation for our advancements in technology, during this digital era. Some things I took away from Campbell’s presentation were the following quotes:

    “Technologies begin to …

  19. Ashley Keough

    The Blog Process: Setting Up this Site


    This process was bar far one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do for a class in my life. And that’s saying a lot since I’m an English major and we put up with a lot of work, under constant pressure with deadlines breathing down our necks it’s …

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