1. Emily Heyden

    Look at what I’ve done

    We had to make a picture that emphasized the color yellow. This is my folder for this class. I just love the way these flowers make me want to be happy.   We were asked to take a self-portrait, with our showing our face, that still identifies us. I picked this one because I LOVE that sweater. Well ...
  2. Olivia Guay


     What are the benefits to online collaboration? Collaborating with people around the world online is something that has never been easier.  With all the new technology, people from Germany, Japan, Madrid, or  Ghana and just a click away!  The great thing … Continue reading
  3. victoria

    Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration!

    From as far back as I can remember, I hated group projects. I hated finding the time to get together with people I barley knew or always having to a significant amount of the work my partners should have been helping with. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do many group projects in high school, but ...
  4. khrystie

    20th Century & 21st Century Teachers

    Still wondering what it takes to be a teacher in the 21st century? In a world where technology continues to advance and learning becomes a collaborative effort, there’s been a definite shift in the teacher’s role. Check out this humorous video that explores the differences between teaching in the 20th century and teaching today. My ...
  5. Sarah Messmer

    Create Your Own Wiki Page!

    I have created a Wiki Tutorial, outlining the process of creating a wiki page! Wiki Pages can be used for many things, and are especially great to use in education. This tutorial is quick and simple, and everyone should check it out. Take advantage...
  6. Sarah Messmer

    Online Collaboration: Friend? or Foe…

      In our 307 class, we have been recently discussing the benefits of online collaboration in “hybrid classes” (classes that do most work online-like ds106!). We read much about this topic in The Process of Online Collaboration, which gave us great insight into the procedures and different ways to go about implementing online collaboration in the ...
  7. Nicole  Morello

    If you wish to make a an impact for one year, plant corn. If you wish to make in impact for a generation, plant a tree. But, if you wish to make an impact on eternity, educate a child. 2012-04-07 11:06:41

    Online Collaboration Article   The idea of online collaborationg has been in step for some time now. It is making interaction so much easier. The article that I have attatched above is a great source for learning how to structure online collaboartion. Though it may seem as though this is directly for online classrooms, the ...
  8. Abby Hanrahan


    Many of today’s schools are hesitant about accepting technology as a helpful resource for learning because although the benefits of having an online life are limitless, unfortunately, many traditional classrooms/teachers are only able to see one side of the web- … Continue reading
  9. Tonya Tyrrell

    Twitter Chat!

    Last night I participated in my first ever Twitter Chat. I had tried to participate in two different chats before, but each chat had either gotten moved forward to another time, or had simply not occurred. While scrolling through the many different chats, #BlackEdu caught my eye. Since I am in the CURE Program here ...
  10. Tonya Tyrrell

    Online Collaboration

    Online collaboration is becoming more and more popular in classrooms around the world. Most classes have also become hybrid classes, where most of the work is done online, and then students meet together in the classroom to discuss what they have been doing online, as well as further their discussions. Collaboration leads to students exploring ...
  11. Nicole  Morello


    Tonight I participated in #ntchat. Tonights discussion was on poetry use in the classroom. There were so many awesome ideas being discussed , and it was really cool to be able to discuss this with so many people at once, with varying levels of experience. This is a screenshot of part of the discussion, it ...
  12. khrystie

    Recommended Read

    t’s so interesting to recognize the power that words can hold over you. They can make you laugh, cry or fill you with emotions too powerful to describe. Words can change your outlook or aid in self-recognition. Recently, I have been deeply moved by John Green’s word in his newest novel, The Fault in Our ...
  13. Michael Oliveri

    Digital Story

    Digital Story I’m trying to figure out how to just get this playing on my blog but i haven’t got there yet.  Here’s the link above, hope you enjoy! I really enjoyed creating this digital story, i used Mixbook Scrapbook, … Continue reading

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