1. Tonya Tyrrell

    Do You Know What’s Expected?


    It has been found that with the rise of the use of technology within classrooms around the United States, digital citizenship is being taught more and more to students. Before incorporating technology into the classroom, teachers need to decide what various kinds of elements of digital citizenship they want their …

  2. Tonya Tyrrell

    Are you fluent in Information?



    Information fluency was a term that I had not heard of prior to reading these different websites. Internally, I knew what it meant, but I didn’t know there was a term to describe it until now. Information fluency is the ability to find, evaluate, and use digital technology efficiently …

  3. Tonya Tyrrell

    Twitter Chat!


    Last night I participated in my first ever Twitter Chat. I had tried to participate in two different chats before, but each chat had either gotten moved forward to another time, or had simply not occurred. While scrolling through the many different chats, #BlackEdu caught my eye. Since I am …

  4. Tonya Tyrrell

    Online Collaboration


    Online collaboration is becoming more and more popular in classrooms around the world. Most classes have also become hybrid classes, where most of the work is done online, and then students meet together in the classroom to discuss what they have been doing online, as well as further their discussions.…

  5. Tonya Tyrrell

    Self-reflection on Radio Show


    Surprisingly, I have found that I don’t mind audio clips. Usually I hate the sound of my own voice, and I have found that I can’t replay the clip, or I’ll delete it. The good thing about audio though, is that you don’t have to be dolled-up and pretty in …

  6. Tonya Tyrrell

    Daily Create: Leap



    Happy Leap Day! Today’s assignment was to take a picture of a leap, or a leaping photo. This photo was taken last summer while I was in Michigan with my best friend. We got a little bored, so we decided to have a photo shoot with her awesome camera. …

  7. Tonya Tyrrell

    Ordering at McDonalds


    I actually enjoyed completing this audio assignment because it was pretty straightforward. It was simple and easy, and you just had to rely on the sound of your voice and accent to complete the assignment. Here is my order for McDonalds with a somewhat Southern accent (not a very good …

  8. Tonya Tyrrell

    Cover of my Autobiography


    When thinking about my life, I immediately thought of an old country road. I’m from a very small town, and live on a dirt road. I also wanted to somehow incorporate a “no regrets” sort of thing into it, so I found the phrase “U-turns, detours, and forks in the …

  9. Tonya Tyrrell

    Expression of Myself



    This picture just says it all. When I was a senior in high school, my best friend and I found a bunch of her old dance costumes and decided to have a dance-off. I am never embarrassed to do anything, even if I may look stupid. I love to …

  10. Tonya Tyrrell

    DS106 Post Secret



    Granted my brother is a senior in high school, but when I called to tell him I set-up my website, he knew exactly what I was talking about, and was asking me questions about my website that seemed like they were in another language. I’m pretty sure he started …

  11. Tonya Tyrrell

    The Big Caption



    To complete this assignment, I looked on The Big Picture, and saw that they were featuring Fashion Week. This is actually a picture of a girl getting her hair dried. The caption I placed on the picture says “First we’re going to give you a brain, and then …

  12. Tonya Tyrrell

    Daily Create Thoughts


    For the past week, I have put up responses to the following prompts:

    Got tats? Toy in Action How old I’m feeling



    For most of my life I have lived by Peace and Love, and music has always been a major part of my life. This tattoo embodies …

  13. Tonya Tyrrell

    Visual Assignments: Colorize your World



    I absolutely LOVE pigs. In this assignment, I went on to Picnik and uploaded a picture that I had on my computer of a pig. I simply clicked on the “effects” tab, and then chose to “tint” this pig, so that he now is a teal color.…

  14. Tonya Tyrrell

    Visual Assignments: Buddy Photo



    This is my Ugly Doll whom I call Jack. This picture is taken in front of the lake in my town to signify how much we travel from school to home. I always bring him wherever we happen to be going, especially if I have to sleep somewhere strange …

  15. Tonya Tyrrell

    Visual Assignments: Your very own Splubble




    This picture demonstrates what happens when I hang out with my best friend. There is always constant laughter about ourselves, other people, and life. It is a constant struggle to be serious with one another, and laughing just brightens up my day.…

  16. Tonya Tyrrell

    Visual Assignments: Newspaper Blackout Poetry




    You probably can’t read the poem that I created with the newspaper, but it reads:


    After we post and record

    your notice.

    The end among others,

    order connection with


    This was a fairly simple project of just grabbing the nearest newspaper, and making art out of …

  17. Tonya Tyrrell

    Playing, Fiddling, Working It Out


    After finally getting my blog set-up after being hacked, I was able to finally able to set my theme and play around with my Menus. I have created a place where you can view my Daily Creates (haven’t completed that yet), and a place where I hope to upload different …

  18. Tonya Tyrrell

    Gardner Campbell Response


    Gardner’s idea about having colleges and universities provide each of their students with web servers freshman year, seems like a great idea. I really think that by providing students with a step by step class that immerses them into technology while they are still freshman, would allow more people to …

  19. Tonya Tyrrell

    Hello world!


    Finally my blog is up for the world to see! After battling through many, many, different problems, I finally have a domain and a webhost set-up, and it all comes together to show you this beautiful blog. When I first began setting up my account, I had no idea what …

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