1. attackturtle

    10 Seconds of Thanks Assignment — Reining

    ok…here goes:   family, friends, comfortable shoes, bed, good food, headache medicine, headphones, pens that don’t skip   not a bad list…   Bonus:  draw a picture of you to complete your list: <:-)  my hair is sticking out….. lol   I did the 10 Seconds of Thanks assignment because I thought that it would […]
  2. thegardenrunner

    Shakespearean LOL Cat

            I chose to complete the Shakespearean LOL Cat assignment!   This is my cat Scratch, sitting in his favorite guard spot by the bird feeder, taunting the birds! The quote is from Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew, Scene I.     
  3. etowahenglish

    Ten Second Thank You Challenge

    I chose to complete the 10 Seconds of Thanks Challenge.  The   Assignment Directions specify that I set a timer for ten seconds and write a list of everything I am thankful for.   I reset the timer for another ten seconds and drew a sketch of myself (see the above image). Note:  I believe at least twenty seconds […]
  4. tparmar90

    What People Think I Do

    I chose to do the What People Think I Do assignment because most of the people in my life, aside from my fellow co-workers, are not teachers. Day-to-day, I don’t feel like I am changing the world, but at the end of the week, semester, or year, I realize I make more of an impact […]
  5. hopperkeith

    Gravy Time

    In this day and age of technology, the art of making gravy seems to have been lost. The time has come when the grocery store has gravy in jars upon the shelves. It takes far less effort and money to simply make it in a pan at home than most people realize. No special tools […]
  6. wendyavv

    Demotivate Yourself! – Man’s Best Friend

      http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/demotivate-yourself/ My dog, Luna is so mad that I keep staying up late to work. As I write school papers she stands right beside me and “yells” for me to get to bed. I took this picture and went to http://diy.despair.com/ to create this demotivational poster.
  7. abaldw12

    Pinteresting Character – GoT Edition

    For this assignment, I chose to create a Pinterest board for Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister. The ds106 assignment suggests posting pins of interest for the character and having others guess the character’s identity, but I wanted to caption the actual pictures that I pinned. The juxtaposition of Cersei’s power-hungry character against polite Pinterest […]
  8. Na Fianna

    Common Everyday Object

      I chose my Mason Jar because it’s a Common Everyday Object to me – capitalization intentional. I also chose this project because Dr. Rish implied that this project might not make the cut for Dr. Crovitz. I’m not sure about the purple wall, or even the green table, but I’m very happy with the […]
  9. dmulkey

    Fox and Cartoon

      I happily came along this photo while searching for something completely unrelated for the What’s the Meme Assignment.  Yay for strange Google results.  It was so striking, I had to do something with it.
  10. sbamerson11

    Don’t ruin other peoples’ lives.. read!

      This assignment was to create a 1960s READ poster using a book character or some sort of variation. I chose to used a quote from Daisy Buchanan in the text The Great Gatsby and used a photo of Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby (2013). The quote was chosen because a major portion of the […]
  11. elleyjacobs

    Pretty Little Liars Read Poster

    Pretty Little Liars is full of literary allusions.  This READ poster references one of the greatest American novels, The Great Gatsby, as alluded to through the television show, Pretty Little Liars.  This poster was created in hopes that fans of the popular television show will explore these allusions and find clues through reading literature.   http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-a-read-poster/  
  12. sjellerphant

    You Chose Wrong

    I will admit, I have never read a “Choose Your Own Adventure Novel,” as this ds106 assignment describes. However, I love the idea of writing the end of a story, the gruesome ending, not the happy one. So here we go! The little imp told you the gold was buried here under this tree. You […]
  13. sjellerphant

    You’re Doing it Wrong

    Sarcasm is at the heart of this ds106 assignment, which speaks to me on a cellular level. Maybe I’m stuck up. Maybe I think I’m better than other people. Or maybe I just don’t know how to handle other people’s stupidity. I blame food service. Regardless, I love the idea of this post, and I […]
  14. sjellerphant

    Illustrating Odd Autocompletes

    The example for this ds106 visual assignment was of a cat priest hissing while preaching, which immediately caught my eye. I first input “I love it when…” into the google search bar, and then typed a few random letters after it. I tried to choose letters that were less frequently used to (hopefully) get more […]
  15. ellieks314

    Shakespearean LOLcat

    I love memes, and I love Shakespeare. So of course, I had to do this DS106 assignment. I used imgur’s meme generator, since it’s so simple. I also made a tutorial to help out anyone who hasn’t made a meme before.   The assignment details can be found here.  
  16. ellieks314

    PSA Billboard

    After a particularly infuriating trip to target, I decided to use the DS106 PSA Billboard assignment to vent my frustrations (Why do people think they can just walk around shopping, playing horrible music LOUDLY on their iphones?!). To accomplish this submission, I messed around with Gimp – a free photo-editing software. Although graphic design isn’t […]
  17. ellieks314

    Historical Selfie

    When I saw that DS106 had an Historical Selfie option, I was so excited. I knew I had to use one of my favorite historical figures -Marie Antoinette. To make this project happen, I had to download Gimp (basically, a free and less-user-friendly version of Photoshop). After about an hour of cursing and throwing things […]
  18. elizabethawood27

    Phake Tweets Tutorial

    In this assignment, you will generate tweets from historical figures in order to create FanFiction.  Before I take you through step-by-step, take a look at the assignment instructions.  If for whatever reason you do not want to check out that link, I’ll copy them for you below: Use the Twister tool from ClassTools (http://classtools.net/twister/) to […]
  19. elizabethawood27

    Create Your Own Character

    For my third post, I chose to complete the assignment titled Creating Your Own Character.  The instructions asked me to write about a paragraph of backstory, including the following information: The character’s appearance The character’s likes The character’s dislikes The character’s personality The character’s place in the world I sat down to a blank Microsoft […]
  20. elizabethawood27

    10 Seconds of Thanks

    For my second blog post, I chose to complete the 10 Seconds of Thanks challenge. In accordance with the assignment directions, I set a timer for ten seconds and using pen and paper, then wrote down everything for which I was thankful. (There was way more that I could have listed, but ten seconds went […]
  21. elizabethawood27

    Recipe Haiku

    For my first blog post, I chose to write a recipe in haiku form.  The assignment description asked that I write a complete recipe in haiku format, using the traditional 5-7-5 format and including all necessary steps.  Although I enjoy cooking, this was quite a challenge. Inspired by all of the impromptu salads I’ve thrown together […]
  22. kethao35

    What They Might Have Done In Social Media

    I am providing a tutorial for this assignment:  ds106 Tutorial Step 1: In the assignment description, there is a link to the right side titled Twister Tool.  Click on it!   Step 2: That link will open the Twister Tool link.  Here is where you will fill out the information for the person you chose […]
  23. Berooz (Bruce) Daryooni

    Historical Selfies

    For my blog post, I chose to do a Historical Selfie under the visual assignments category. It seems that there’s a lot of recent talk on selfies and there’s even a (terrible) song about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdemFfbS5H0 So I decided to make a somewhat funny/morbid selfie photo of Abraham Lincoln picture in the Ford’s theater. This […]
  24. Berooz (Bruce) Daryooni

    Phake Tweets

    For my second blog post I decided to make a “Phake Tweet” for Mark Cuban. This came at a time where the LA Clippers team owner Donald Sterling made some pretty hateful and racist comments towards minorities. Mark Cuban is an owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Him and the other team owners of other NBA […]
  25. kethao35

    What They Might Have Done In Social Media

    This is an assignment I was familiar with in the past.  I thought it was a fun assignment and I enjoyed doing it again.  I chose Bill Cosby because he is someone I respect and value as a comedian, father, and activist.  He says makes a lot of statements that don’t go over too well […]
  26. Berooz (Bruce) Daryooni

    Illustrating Odd Autocompletes

    For my first blog post I chose to do the 1244 assignment on the DS106 website: the illustrating odd auto-completes. The assignment itself has you illustrate in photo format something that happens when you type in the first couple of words to a Google search and pick the first one that comes up. The words […]

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