1. kethao35

    Shakespearean LOLcat


    I decided to choose this picture of a cat with a pizza on its head because it is adorable in a twisted kind of way.  I tried to imagine what the cat would say to itself after seeing this picture.  I chose Shakespearean Sonnet 38.  I am a pet lover …

  2. cmirsajedin

    Blog Post #3


    For my third blog post I chose the Shakespearean LOLcat. This assignment asks you to get a picture of a cat and a quote by Shakespeare and put the two together for comedic effect. Here is what I came up with.

    I used this picture because it shows one …

  3. cmirsajedin

    Blog Post #2


    For my second blog post I have chosen the writing assignment, what’s in a name? Wherein I talk about my name and what it means to me, why I have it, etc.


    My full name, Cyrus Rafael Mirsajedin, is unique. So unique in fact, no one else in history …

  4. kethao35

    What They Might Have Done In Social Media


    This is an assignment I was familiar with in the past.  I thought it was a fun assignment and I enjoyed doing it again.  I chose Bill Cosby because he is someone I respect and value as a comedian, father, and activist.  He says makes a lot of statements that …

  5. kethao35

    Shakespearean LOLcat


    I decided to choose this picture of a cat with a pizza on its head because it is adorable in a twisted kind of way.  I tried to imagine what the cat would say to itself after seeing this picture.  I chose Shakespearean Sonnet 38.  I am a pet lover …

  6. kethao35

    Redoing The Past Pose


    I decided to recapture a moment when my son was three years old.  This was the best age for me.  He was so comical and smart.  Most of his pictures back then showed him having fun and laughing.  I thought it would be interesting to see how he looked at …

  7. rfletch6

    Eleshaq Tutorial


    I decided to do a tutorial for the assignment where you paste someone’s head on an animal body. I did this screencast tour and showed people how to do this via PowerPoint for those who, like me, aren’t proficient in design programs like Photoshop. This isn’t as neat or professional …

  8. Olivia Teague

    What is in a Name.


    Okay so I have always been told that there are not many people named Olivia, which is true until around 1999 when every other person was naming their child, no matter the sex(just kidding) Olivia. However my name is not inspired by Olivia Newton John, Grease the movie, but from …

  9. mbarajas88

    Supercut It




    The instructions for this assignment were to create a montage of an overused or widely recognised trope or movie theme. Initially, I had wanted to do “love at first sight” and create a video montage of that one scene where one person looks at another one and they …

  10. mbarajas88

    The Contest Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition)



    The instructions for this assignment were to use clips from different movies no longer than 2 seconds in length and “mash” them together into one video. I was supposed to use my favorite movies, but unfortunately all I had access to were the movies already on my computer, so …

  11. mraglin

    Poem Made With Twilight Zone Episode Titles


    What you Would Need:

    What would you need on late night

    I’m Starting to catch a fright

    All I hear is my mind

    My mind racing in time

    Why can’t I escape this feeling

    I can’t breath

    I cant see,!

    What is happening?

    What you need?

    I need a vacation!…

  12. gbeetsch

    Sardonic Mashup Tutorial


    This tutorial covers how to do the Sardonic Mashup assignment on ds106.   Please be sure to visit all clarifying FAQs and Youtube videos to get the full effect of other people’s hard work covering the different programs required to make this assignment really ‘pop’.  I hope this helps.


    Sardonic …

  13. emilyfursure

    Playlist Poetry


    I chose to do the Playlist Poetry assignment because my life revolves around my playlists and my music. I was interested to see what kind of cheesy poem all the cliche song titles could come up with. I was also inspired to add a bit of humor as there were …

  14. rfletch6

    What People Think I Do


    I chose to do this assignment because misconceptions about what I do are common. Especially around finals, different people pull me in different directions but sometimes, I just want to stay to myself. Netflix is my savior during finals when I just want to relax. 

  15. rfletch6

    What’s in a Name?


    I choose this assignment because it reminds me of a sixth grade project I had to do. We had to research the meaning of our name and present it in a creative way. Since I’m over the top, I created a rap and a diorama of a countryside with a …

  16. rfletch6

    Design Assignments: Eleshaq


    I choose to do this design assignment so I could mix humor with intentionality. This assignment asks people to paste someone’s head on an animal body or vice versa. I choose an elephant and Shaquille O’Neal not just because I love elephants, but also because the image still has meaning. …

  17. lpickel0809

    Shakespearean LOLcat Tutorial


    This assignment is, in a nutshell, cat pic + a quote from Shakespeare = Shakespearean LOLcat. It simply asks you to add some text, but not just any text, Shakespearean text, to a cat picture from the interwebs. I decided to create a video tutorial on how I created this …

  18. mbarajas88

    What People Think I Do



    So this year I began giving ESL classes at my Goodwill as a part of one of my Education classes. I also offer help to some of the people that take advantage of the services offered there, and I’ll often help people logging into their emails and figureing out …

  19. gbeetsch

    Tautological Inception


    For this assignment, titled Historical Selfies, I wanted to create a reverse of something that politicians do all the time.  They think that by placing themselves in front of historical art or monuments from the past that it will add credibility to what they are saying or doing at …

  20. lpickel0809

    Bad Helvetica Picture


    The instructions for this assignment were pretty straightforward. “That’s it. Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica”. That’s verbatim.

    I started out with picking my picture. The whole “Bad Photo” thing is incredibly subjective. After thumbing through some pictures I took of a nearly …

  21. lpickel0809

    Recipe Haiku


    This assignment asked you to write down a recipe as a Haiku (using the traditional 5/7/5 pattern). The key was not to leave out any important details. As a bonus, you could also include pictures with each step, which I am doing for the sake of visual aid.

    So You …

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