1. lief101

    Blog Post 9 – Paper Writing Trajectory


    As a senior on a victory lap completing my final semester at KSU, I decided to write about my own personal trajectory when it comes to research paper writing. To say that ‘senioritis’ has hit me would be a HUGE understatement, and finding motivation to complete assignments has been difficult …

  2. hshanise

    ds106c – Real Life to Cartoon Collage


    This assignment asked to find a man made version of a natural thing and put them together in a collage. I chose to do a lion and had originally intended on finding something related to the lion king play but I found this one instead. I have no idea where …

  3. hshanise

    ds106b – My Favorite Lyric


    The assignment was to take a picture that helped describe our favorite lyric and write the lyric somewhere on the picture. The song I chose was Swim by Jack’s Mannequin and I felt this picture helped embody the message of the song as a whole. This song in particular has …

  4. heathermorris988

    Post a Secret ds106C


    For this assignment I was to write my goal in life to be displayed for the world to see. Well, my dream is pretty simple: I want to make an impact. This means that wherever God places me – the town, the school, the environment I may teach in – …

  5. eatmatzi

    Class Blog Post #10: Digital Teacher Identity


    Liabilities: Though I am not a teaching major, digital identity is still relevant to me when I want to consider a professional career or job in the future. I love social media, even though I am not always the best at it. I use it on daily basis probably 2-3 …

  6. mcalisterbailey

    Transmedia Franchise


    SpongeBob Squarepants first aired in 1999 and has been blowing up our televisions ever since. The show aims to entertain young kids (and their parents) with its weirdness, catchiness, and uniqueness.

    Although there haven’t been any spinoffs of the show yet, Nickelodeon produced a SpongeBob Squarepants Movie and a sub-series …

  7. eatmatzi

    Class Blog Post #7


    For this assignment, I chose to do the Post”Secret” assignment. The idea is to write on a post-it your biggest dream in life. I chose “To Change the Lives of People” because my major is Psychology and I thoroughly enjoy helping others in need, and listening to anyone who has …

  8. eatmatzi

    Class Blog Post #5


    For this assignment, I took a picture of a chair and I cropped the picture so that it would specifically show the ordinary object. The point of the assignment is to take a picture of an object and manipulate the colors. I used Google to edit the picture with the …

  9. eatmatzi

    Class Blog Post #3


    For our Assignment A, I chose to do the “Before and After” Assignment. I took a screenshot on my computer of both pictures and repositioned them together so that they were even. On the left is a picture of me when I was younger (excuse my lack of fashion sense) …

  10. heathermorris988

    Common Everyday Object – ds106B



    I use these headphones all the time so I thought they would be the perfect object to mess with. I placed them on the top of my laptop which gave a really cool background manipulate. The colors were originally pretty bland, but now the overall picture stands out really …

  11. pmdelong94

    Ds106 C: Real life to cartoon collage


    I chose to do the assignment where you take something found in nature, and then find the same thing in man made form. Metal yard decorations immediately came to mind and I found a really cool one of a horse so I chose to do that animal.


    I used …

  12. thisisjeska

    Ds106 #1


    I chose to do the video project of Where Are They Now. The idea was to choose a movie and follow up on where the characters are today. I chose The Breakfast Club. Each slide shows the before, or of when they were in The Breakfast Club, and the after …

  13. Keri Tomlin

    ds106 Choice Assignment C – Tomlin


    Compassion by Keri Tomlin

    I am asked a lot why I am going into teaching. There are a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest one is because no one was really there for me growing up and I felt pretty alone. My parents were in the military, so …

  14. Keri Tomlin

    ds106 Choice Assignment B – Tomlin


    Times are a changin’ fanfic pic by Keri Tomlin

    These are some of my closest friends. We went to visit Duke University in North Carolina to visit a chapter of our fraternity (co-ed). While walking around, we found some railroad tracks. I thought it was funny that no matter how …

  15. Keri Tomlin

    ds106 Choice Assignment A – Tomlin


    Fake Album Cover by Keri Tomlin

    So my first choice assignment was a fake album cover. The task was simple, click on the link provided for a random Wikepedia article. I ended up with “Secure Network.” It then was the name of my “band” and it was followed by clicking …

  16. vashun

    Ds106 #1


     This is the picture that was taken of my cousin and his refusal to eat corn, I used the caption of I LOVE CORN because it was the opposite of what he wanted. Needless to say after the picture was taken he threw the corn into the next booth. You …

  17. vashun

    Ds106 #2


    this is my attempt of a GIF, I was to go to google and type in  I hate and then a letter, I typed in T and i got Taylor Swift, Tmobile, and Traffic and T-Pain. You can find the actual assignment here.

  18. vashun

    Ds106 #3


    this is a photo of the a-z project that is clothing pieces from a-z. The original assignment can be found here

  19. lexysmolko

    DS106 Assignment C–Cat Breading


    After hearing about the “cat breading” trend in class, I wanted nothing more than to do this assignment for DS106, but alas, my apartment complex does not allow pets so all my cats are back at home. But this morning, I woke up to find a homeless cat in my …

  20. rachelburel

    DS106 Post (A) – Lyric Typography Poster


    For this assignment, you’re suppose to pick your favorite lyric from a song and use different forms of typography to illustrate it. I chose to use my favorite Mayday Parade lyric, ” And knowing that for someone you’re an angel sent to save…” It’s a lyric that means a lot …

  21. rachelburel

    DS106 Assignment (c)- Love: In three frames


    For this assignment, I had to use three photos to tell as story about a relationship between myself and something that I love. So, I chose to do a story board of my cat, Ponyo. I really enjoyed doing this project because aside from the graphics that I got to …

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