1. djacks21

    Audio Assignment


    So I don’t think anyone would be surprised to find out that I chose the “Being A Music Producer” audio assignment. The objective of this assignment was to record two parts of an audio track with any instrument (obviously guitar for me!). To begin with, I laid down …

  2. djacks21

    Audio Story


    I think I got a little morbid here with my audio story…but oh well!

    I went on and when I went into the sound effects section, the first thing I saw was a traffic sound effect. So I put together a little mashup with 4 other sounds to create a …

  3. djacks21

    Peeing on the Alamo


    So for my foray into SoundCloud, I figured I’d try to find the most absurd news headline of the year and read it aloud as a news announcer. Here’s the link to the actual article, and you can hear me reading the headline on SoundCloud:

  4. cbedross1

    Play by Play – Peanut Butter and Jelly


    For this assignment, you are supposed to provide play by play commentary on a video. I thought to mix it up a bit and do something a little different, so I found a video on “how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” since it’s one of my favorite …

  5. cbedross1

    Chaplin Circus Fraternity Initiation


    This was my first video creation/editing experience! I learned a lot from this assignment and it was cool to see how easy it can be to add in things like a title and credits. The trickiest part for me was adding in the overlay audio, but I ended up using …

  6. cew5x

    Look, Listen, Analyze- Casino


    All this talk of film editing made me think of Martin Scorcese and his long-time partnership with film editor Thelma Schoonmaker.  I would venture to say that Scorcese is a master director and storyteller, so chances are Schoonmaker isn’t a bad film editor either.   One of my favorite Scorcese films …

  7. cew5x

    Does a Tyrannosaurus Rex ever feel insecure? Reading movies


    On the surface, I agree with Roger Ebert’s idea of a film’s composition.  It is my sense that we as humans have a natural tendency for symmetry and balance.  We may not notice when something “works” but we probably do when it doesn’t.  It was difficult for me to think …

  8. youblueit

    My Ellie – Is it time for the new car?


    I had to figure out what was a good story to tell for the combining sounds assignment. This was not only difficult for me the novice this semester, but because I seemed to be having difficulty in doing every assignment this semester it was down right hard.   Although I was …

  9. cew5x

    Week 5 Summary


    My main takeaway this week: working with sound is not as difficult as I thought, but still the most challenging I have found of the differing editing tasks we have done in this course.  I do feel completely at ease in recording, exporting, importing, and loading to SoundCloud, but …

  10. cew5x

    Week 5 comment round up (belated)


    I think I may have found my final project story this week, based upon comments alone.  The comments on my Public Health story idea seemed to coalesce around the idea of a public health super hero-type character- I really appreciated the different layers the commenters added to my original thoughts.…

  11. youblueit

    A virus….how could this happen?


    Last week while trying to complete my assignment I downloaded malicious code to my work laptop. I have always been very apprehensive in using my employer provided laptop for assignments which required me to download applications but for some strange reason I decided to take the chance.  I think the …

  12. cew5x

    All you can take Cactus- Audio Assignment 942


    Trolling Craigslist is always fun, so the first audio assignment listed on Week 5′s page immediately jumped out at me.  Off I went to the local Craiglist “free” section and found this lovely post:

    Sounds strange enough to me!!  Why anyone would want to take on such an awful job …

  13. cbedross1

    Reading Movies – Techniques and Strategies


    Roger Ebert, a well-known film critic, wrote about his experiences studying, dissecting, and reviewing films. He explains that conducting these actions are much more than an exercise he goes through, its the fact that he essentially “reads” the movie by using a technique called “Cinema Interruptus” –  stopping the film …

  14. youblueit

    The big meal then listen carefully to the cleanup


    This was a special religious day for the entire family as we got to fellowship and eat what some may say was a Thanksgiving deal.

    The food was “off the chart”  which means delicious.

    Litsen carefully to the sounds of eating, cutting the meat with a nife and fork, scrapping …

  15. bcodelson

    Week 5 Summary


    A little late to the summary party this week but here it is!

    This week’s GMU DS106 class dove into the use of audio in storytelling and allowed us to get our hands dirty with some practical experience editing our own audio.  This week’s multimedia and assignments really reminded me …

  16. bcodelson

    My Brief Career as Foley Artist


    For :30 this week, I had the distinct privilege of being a Foley Artist. As part of my DS106 assignment, I had to create :30 worth of Foley audio to go along with this Charlie Chaplin clip:

    I was responsible for creating accompanying audio for the time frame of 1:31 …

  17. cew5x

    A story that is good for your health?


    I was thinking if there were any work-related things I could pull into for a story idea this week.  I work with a lot of people in the field of public health.  You may be asking yourself “What is public health?”  Sounds kind of crunchy and idealistic, huh?  Well it …

  18. bcodelson

    Problem Solving Tool – Storified


    Last week I was on a call about a tool that some colleagues and I are developing.  Basically, it’s something that we want everyone in our organization to be able to use to identify client problems and match them to solutions.  We’ve gone ’round and ’round with different ways that …

  19. cew5x

    The most exciting moment of my dog’s day- sound effect story


    Oy. Audio editing really scares me.  Which is probably (definitely) a large part of why all these assignments are late this week.  But I digress.

    For the sound effects story, I started to think of what I needed:  a scenario that didn’t need dialogue and a scenario that was “noisy” …

  20. LRo



    I constantly feel like I’m being overwhelmed by noise that begins with my alarm clock (that goes off way too early in the morning) and ends with email alerts coming from my laptop (as my India team gets working as I’m heading to bed). This week, we learned all about …

  21. ctwilker

    Chi-town sure was loud


    You would think each week has me in a new city and that would be true the last two weeks. This week I was in Chicago for work and needed to do my assignments while in either a hotel room or a friend’s house. So that was an adventure but …