1. estotz

    Exploring Gender through the Language of Twitter


    Emma Stotz

    Ling 491


    Spring 2013


    Exploring Gender through the Language of Twitter



    With the age of communication upon us, there are a wide variety of forms of communication: text messaging, twitter, blogs, Facebook, reddit, YouTube, Skype, and the like.  Online social media sites allow for informal …

  2. ksimonpi

    Loving Alzheimer’s


    Alzheimer’s disease is defined by the Alzheimer’s Foundation fo America (AFA) as “a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain’s nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes.”(http://www.alzfdn.org/AboutAlzheimers/definition.html) My Grandmother has Alzheimer’s. She is 86 years old and has been suffering from …

  3. estotz

    Outline for Final Project


    So, this is just me brainstorming, but I am pretty sure I have a solid idea for what I want to do for my final project:

    This semester, I am in a linguistics course (other than this one), Langauge and Gender, and this idea for research came from this class. …

  4. estotz

    Robots + Language (con’t)


    Classification (into Semantic Categories)

    Say we have a bunch of sequences of phrases and we want to put them into a different categories (i.e. dictionaries, artists, plants, etc), how could one go about doing this? One approach is to memorize common parts of the phrases (i.e. if the category is …

  5. estotz

    How to Teach Language to Robots


    Summary of Videos from Intro to AI (first half)

    There have been 2 main types of language models:

    1. Probabilistic model:

    deals with the surface words, and sometimes letters
     – (letter models are good when we are going to be dealing with sequences of unique words) actual data of what…
  6. estotz

    Introduction to Statistical Natural Language Processing (NLP)


    Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing (Ch. 1) – Manning/Schutze


    One of the big questions that Manning and Schutze pose in their first chapter is: ‘how do human’s use language?’  The answer to this question is not simple, and requires a deep, theoretical exploration of linguistics.  Linguists lay claim …

  7. crystalrose0784

    Lemme Sum-Up :)


    What a ride!!  Let me tell you all about it!

    No, it’s too much, lemme sum-up.   (You knew I had to get one more Princess Bride reference in there)

    Final Project

    I had a lot of fun making this project.  I still think the quality of work I produce …

  8. crystalrose0784

    Advice – from someone who’s been there ;)


    I decided to do this a little differently than my classmates.  I wanted a simple, easy-to-read, at-a-glance poster full of the main tips that I hadn’t seen in the advice videos I’d viewed coming in.  So, I went to Google Images, and found a cool poster background, uploaded it into …

  9. mcorrigan

    Is it over?


    My theme for my final project was “literature comes to life.” I had high hopes and different visions of how I was going to do some assignments a couple of weeks ago. With that said, I really enjoyed my theme and I think I did some pretty good work this …

  10. kmatthe2

    Final Summary


    Best Work:

    This radio show is probably the high point of the semester. We had a lot of fun making it and Kendall and Shawn did a great job editing it together.

    Other Best Work:

    I tried to pick one from each category of assignments. My gifs I am very …

  11. kmatthe2

    Advice to Future Students


    Yeah, I made a video. Of myself. Just talking and giving advice. I thought this was the best way to do it. I really hope it conveys how much fun this class is, even though sometimes I though I would never get through it. I really enjoyed myself and the …

  12. kmatthe2



    Meet Judy Johnson:


    Here’s her autobiography, published with the help of her trusted aide, Kelsey Matthews.

    Judy wanted to learn how to introduce herself to Rhode Island. She went on the radio in Providence.

    The Rhode Islanders loved her! She was an instant hit. Next up on her agenda …

  13. mis-tery

    Grand Finale — Ds106 Version

    Final Summary

    I can’t believe it’s all ending, I remember the first day of bootcamp and going through the assignments and wondering to myself, “How will I finish this course, I don’t have any idea how to do anything”. Now i’m sitting here doing the final write up for this …

  14. kmatthe2

    Judy-A Life in Two Minutes


    Here’s how I have  Judy apologize to Rhode Island:

    The link to the assignment is here. I was struggling to think of something to do in two minutes, but I think I pulled it off. I recorded myself in Audacity, cleaned up the long pauses and then exported the …

  15. kmatthe2



    Here’s Judy’s autobiography:


    Yes, that is the real Aunt Judy with the teabag hat. I wanted to tie her to Sarah Palin, hence the ‘Maverick’ use. Also, I made myself co-author on there, since I am the one publicizing Judy’s story. I love that picture because it really embodies …

  16. kmatthe2



    This is an assignment I made up myself! Woop!

    here’s Judy’s vlog.

    The idea behind it was to introduce Judy to the fine folks of Rhode Island. However, my dogs interrupted my recording. When I was editing it together, I realized [LIGHTBULB], that Judy’s big mistake could be that her …

  17. crystalrose0784

    Meme Wars


    Living it up in modern day style, as part of my Final Project, Spongebob and Patrick will spend part of the Best Day Ever in a meme war.  To do this, I’m using the Caption That assignment.  To be perfectly honest, though, I felt the assignment was too easy …

  18. kmatthe2

    Judy-Radio Interview


    Here’s where Judy was interviewed:

    I used the mulitpersonality assignment to have her interviewed. I am playing both characters, obviously. I just asked questions and then responded in Judy’s voice. Yes, the quote about Sarah Palin is from the actual Aunt Judy. I also misquote Washington and Lincoln, which I …

  19. kmatthe2

    Judy-Scenes With An Impact


    Judy was feeling really bad after her flap of not really having a Rhode Island accent, as revealed in her vlog.

    Here’s what I made as her response. I went to youtube and typed in ‘presidential goofs’. That was NOT hard to find videos on. Then I downloaded them via …

  20. kmatthe2

    Judy-Four Icon Story


    Here is Judy’s four icon story. I’m using it to sum up her entire campaign run. I found the icons through a google search and put them together using Picasa. The order of the icons is simple. Judy is running for Congress as a Rhode Island Representative. She gives a …

  21. mis-tery

    Best Categories


    I’ve ranked my best work categories as followed ( 5 – 1)

    #5. GIF animation: I chose this as my best work because before this class, I didn’t have any idea what a GIF meant let alone create one. Thus for my first assignment, i’m proud I learned how to …

  22. mis-tery

    Commentary on Final Project

    Isabella’s Story

    This story was actually based on a true story. It meant a lot to me to actually finish this assignment. Isabella’s character was actually a family friend of mine who I used to live with. She’s exactly as described in the story, a fragile innocent girl who got …

  23. mis-tery



    For this section, I chose to do tutorials for the assignments I’ve created. The first tutorial is a video, getting the through the software (website) PhotoFunia. I explain everything in the video below. Enjoy!



    Y.O.L.O is the Motto!

    Creating this video was fun but very time consuming. If …

  24. mis-tery

    Assignment Ideas

    PhotoFunia (Software Angel) I chose to do a pay it forward type of assignment where the students who have taken this course and experienced the hardship of what software’s to use can help those who may take this course in the future. Through this assignment, students will not only be…

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