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    Grand Finale — Ds106 Version

    Final Summary

    I can’t believe it’s all ending, I remember the first day of bootcamp and going through the assignments and wondering to myself, “How will I finish this course, I don’t have any idea how to do anything”. Now i’m sitting here doing the final write up for this …

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    Best Categories


    I’ve ranked my best work categories as followed ( 5 – 1)

    #5. GIF animation: I chose this as my best work because before this class, I didn’t have any idea what a GIF meant let alone create one. Thus for my first assignment, i’m proud I learned how to …

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    Commentary on Final Project

    Isabella’s Story

    This story was actually based on a true story. It meant a lot to me to actually finish this assignment. Isabella’s character was actually a family friend of mine who I used to live with. She’s exactly as described in the story, a fragile innocent girl who got …

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    For this section, I chose to do tutorials for the assignments I’ve created. The first tutorial is a video, getting the through the software (website) PhotoFunia. I explain everything in the video below. Enjoy!



    Y.O.L.O is the Motto!

    Creating this video was fun but very time consuming. If …

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    Assignment Ideas

    PhotoFunia (Software Angel) I chose to do a pay it forward type of assignment where the students who have taken this course and experienced the hardship of what software’s to use can help those who may take this course in the future. Through this assignment, students will not only be…
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    Isabella’s Story

    by Rudy Abate

    For my final project I want my subject focus to be on a hopeless romantic girl named Isabella, who loves cliché chick flick movies sooo much that she hopes and dreams to live in one. Therefore, I want to get all my favorite love stories and give …

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    Watch the video above to see what photofunia is all about, it may help students in this class for the future and by doing this assignment, everyone will be sharing their favorite software that they use a lot and it will be like paying it forward, software edition …

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    Weekly Summary 13 &14


    For the past two weeks, we have explored the ideas of remixes and mashups, the artistic recasting of existing media into new forms by creative combination and editing. This not only was build off of our previous work in all media forms but also used to remix assignments.

    Before we …

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    Remix and Examples


    I’m going to explain what Remix means to me and how I see it from my perspective. Remix is like the day after thanks giving (or it’s that day after my mother cooks) and you open up the fridge and all you see are things from yesterday’s dinner. If you …

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    Actor Transformation (4 stars)


    Stumbling through the assignment repository, this assignment caught my interest because I love movies and once I love an actor/actress I watch all their movies. At the same time I was looking through the assignment lists i was watching E! news and they were covering lindsay lohan and her new …

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    Music Mashup (3 stars)


    AMAZING ASSIGNMENT AWARD goes to this Music Mashup. Although it took forever and a day to create a perfect mix, the process taught me a lot of things about audacity and other websites I never thought to check out.

    For this assignment we were supposed to take two different music …

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    Final Project Outline


    Step one & Background Story

    For my final project I want my subject focus to be on a hopeless romantic girl named Isabella, who loves cliché chick flick movies sooo much that she hopes and dreams to live in one. Therefore, I want to get all my favorite love stories …

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    Weekly Summary 11 & 12


    For starters..I just turned  21 this wednesday! Woot Woot….So excuse my videos if they’re not as good as you expected them to be for I have been suffering from Senioritis and a case of “I’m legal” moods.

    Video Mission This Week….our task is completion of 16 stars (or more) of …

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    A Word… A Picture… A Story (3 Stars)


    I chose the words…(BUMBLE BEE…FUMBLE…RESIDENCY…WEBMD…NO….ATHLETIC TRAINER….AND BENTLY). Then I went to google image search on the words and chose one of the first visible photos for the words…then after I chose both the image and words I put them together in video form and tell a story.

    Bumble Bee –> …

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    5 Second Film (3 stars)


    Mission for this assignment was to “Make a supershort, 5-second film”… basically enough time for one gag, bit, or joke. I chose this contemporary dance scene from their 2 min performance. I found their chemistry to be intriguing and if I watched this 5 second video…I know I would want …

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    30 Second Documentary! (3 Stars)


    For this assignment I chose to do a quick silent tutorial showing someone how to make a paper boat. The story behind paper boats and I is that I’ve been making these silly things for a very long time, In times of stress, anxiety, sadness, happiness, birthdays, sometimes funerals (judge …

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    Tell A Story With No Dialogue! (4 Stars)


    I created a video that tells a story where there is no dialogue or narration- only the camera, movement, and at most, a musical soundtrack, tell the story. For this assignment I chose to make a video with the 4th of july fireworks.

    Process: I took the video I took …

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    Supercut It! (5 stars)


    A supercut is a “fast-paced montage of short video clips that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film and TV. For this assignment I had to create a supercut montage of overused dialogue, themes, motifs, filmmaking techniques, etc. for a particular …

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    Exploring Good Will Hunting

    Here are the three interesting facts I found … This film was written by two childhood friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and what I found interesting is that they both didn’t expect this movie to grow and be successful but Good Will Hunting was both a critical and financial…
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    Weekly Summary #10


    I can honestly say that this week was a little challenging compared to the other weeks assignments. Reading movies was fun and exciting but trying to create and edit movies using different softwares was challenging.

    For our weekly summary this week we had to …

    1. Include our review of …

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    What we had to do this week is to identify two assignments that appear interesting, and to just do the set up work that will enable us to complete the assignments next week.

    1. Desean Jacksons 65 Yard punt return that helped the Eagles win against the Giants! For this …

  22. mis-tery

    Look, Listen and Analyze


    I chose to look, listen and analyze …

    Good Will Hunting – Bar Scene

    Look: for this part of the assignment, I had to slide the volume of this scene all the way down. The visual aspects of this scene is as followed. This scene was taken in a very …

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    Video Editing Tools


    For this part of this weeks assignment, we were supposed to see what worked with us, i.e what softwares we will need to be using that would allow us to combine, edit, re-sequence video as well as being able to add or even replace the audio from a video clip. …

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    Weekly Summary #9

    What a great week!! Radio’s finally go live and we get to play around with the web…Creating stories!! 0_O Radio Shows Go Live, Story Telling Within The Web and Web Assignments

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the radio show live but I got to listen to many via the …

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    Google Translate Fail (1 star)


    I found something in a foreign language (ARABIC) and used google translate….which is awful as everyone knows. It is pretty easy to mess things up when we use google chrome. Example –> This Assignment. Bi-Kam ? which translates to “How Much” in english…was translated as “Webcam” by google translate. I …

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    Three Moon Wolf Stories (4 stars)


    Our challenge for this web assignment was to inject a story into the comment space of a product, which in this case was the Clone Solution I found on Amazon. The whole point of this was to see if a comment can carry the essence of a story and if …

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    Story Telling within the web


    For this assignment, I chose to go to amazon and pick a gallon of Elmers glue that looked like a gallon milk. Then I edited the title, through FireBug and changed the title to ” when mommy needs her quiet time…she uses”. Long story short, my mother used to joke …

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    Radio Show


    For this weeks radio show review, our group, the despicables had to review Team RADTASTIC. The quality of the sound was excellent, volume was appropriate, the levels were even, and the sound was clear. As far as the audio editing, I found the transitioning and use of effects to …

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    Weekly Summary 7 and 8


    Combining the two weeks into one at first was frightening but I managed to keep my cool and finish the assignments. Here is what we had to do for the two for one deal….

    Recycle unused media

    Buddy: 10-point visual assignment

    Void: Daily Create

    NYC: Open Field, Daily Create

    Color: …

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