1. estotz

    “How To ______” Tutorial


    This is rather redundant. I’m going to do a How to complete “How to ______.” Here goes.

    To complete this assignment:

    THE FIRST STEP is to brainstorm a character from one of your favorite TV shows, or just a character in general that displays a particular personality trait more often …

  2. estotz

    Assignment Ideas



    “How To ________”

    For this design assignment, you will first need to pick one of your favorite persons from a tv show or movie–make sure it is someone with LOTS of character that displays their characteristics frequently. This is important; it should be something that defines them (i.e. Sterling …

  3. estotz

    Welcome to the DANGER ZONE


    Final Project Outline

    Archer and the gang from ISIS are planning a voyage to outer space in an effort to prevent a catastrophe on the International Space Station. Problem is, none of them have ever had the proper training. Thus, they are recruiting… in a rather obtuse manner for an …

  4. crystalrose0784

    Assignment Summary


    To help make it easier to find my assignments for my professor, I’ll go ahead and collect the two assignments I created this year into this one post (via link).

    Earlier in the semester, I submitted a Visual Assignment, When Unicorns Explode.  Honestly, I didn’t really know what I …

  5. Abigail Andrews

    My Final Project-Sophie’s Journey


    For my final project I decided to focus on my dog Sophie.  This story is about her journey getting lost outside and being able to find her way home.  For this project I then decided that to do 3 different kinds of assignments and put them into one video.  Before …

  6. sdivitot

    Final Project: How is Remy doing now?


    Here is my final project on Remy the rat from Ratatouille. We were left off with the opening of the new restaurant Linguini’s Bistro. Customers loved it and they even had a section for rats to come and dine in, of course the humans didn’t know of this part. Linguini’s …

  7. ppatel2

    LAST Weekly Summary


    Final Project:

    For my final project I told a story about Winnie the Pooh’s journey in finding different types of Honey from around the world. He went to New Zealand, Norway, Greece, and Saudi Arabia. He found the most expensive honey in Saudi Arabia called Sidr Honey and he loved …

  8. kmatthe2

    Assignment Ideas


    Here are my assignment ideas:

    One-Swap Shop! This was inspired by an actual radio show that occurs where I grew up on the Eastern Shore. I mixed it up a little to make it funnier, but it often is pretty funny anyway. I used Audacity to record myself and …

  9. kmatthe2



    Here are my two tutorials

    One-This was from the redub the audio assignment. I really liked the redub and enjoyed planning it out!

    Two-NBC really sucks, and I think they’re blocking my content right now. But, this assignment is still really fun and should be used, as in …

  10. Anapaula Ojeda

    Having fun and doing work


    For ds106 we had to create 2 new assignments.  I really wanted my assignments to be fun, and allow people to be creative. The way each person does an assignment I created can go so many different way, and that’s the goal I wanted to achieve.  I didn’t want it …

  11. kmatthe2

    Assignment Idea #3


    Make a vlog or a flog [fake vlog]!

    I did this as part of my final project. The idea behind it is that it’s something relatively fun to do and gives the person freedom to explore accents and voices and just really have fun!

    I describe it as:

    Yes! Make …

  12. kmatthe2

    Assignment Idea #2


    DIGITAL SHORT MASH UP!-Make your own Digital Short-the crazier the better; can be from existing digital shorts or your own!

    For this assignment, I took four different digital shorts from SNL. [There are over 100 to choose from]. The ones I chose were I’m On A Boat, Boombox, The …

  13. Anapaula Ojeda

    The many faces of Anapaula


    The new assignment I created is called, I am me.  I wanted to do a video assignment that shows a bit of our personality and who we are.  With ds106 being mostly an online course, sometimes it’s nice to know a little bit about whose blog you are commenting on.  …

  14. Anapaula Ojeda

    How do I do that?


    I decided to do two tutorials for ds106 a long time ago.  Now that it’s time to submit them, I realized that I was only really content with one of them.  One of my tutorials was very descriptive and the other one had more of a free flow.  I didn’t …

  15. crystalrose0784

    Inanimate Motion Tutorial


    For this assignment, it helps to begin with an overarching story in mind.  I chose to do this assignment in a way that it would contribute to the story I’m telling in my Final Project for ds106 – Spongebob’s Best Day Ever.

    So, I went digging through my kids’ toys …

  16. crystalrose0784

    When Unicorns Explode Tutorial


    In order to complete this assignment and earn the star it says it’s worth, there are three options.

    1)  Make or take a picture that is a part of a story of something meaningful to you.  Write up the full story, in the manner that I have done on this

  17. dlefew

    Final Week Summary


    Final Project:

    This project was special as I morphed it into something that really brought back many great memories. I morphed my project into a story about a certain rednosed reindeer. There were really no surmountable tasks in this project as I enjoyed every minute of it because of the …

  18. dlefew

    Advice For Future DS106ers


    First of ALL,This class is not a slide by and get an easy A elective.

    If you want to have alot of fun, do alot of work, and learn tons that will help you along the road then this is the class for you.

    Some helpful tips, start your weekly …

  19. dlefew

    Oh Rudolph! Final Project.


    To start my project has kind of morphed as I went along and I built ideas. Follow along.

    Oh Rudolph with your nose so bright. (Play Sound-effect story first then begin reading)

    Where could Rudolph be, Santa wondered as he and the other Reindeer did their practice runs before Christmas.  …

  20. beauty_b_

    Assignment Ideas For DS106


    Here are the links to both of the blog post on my assignment ideas:

    Hit It


    Overall, I tried to make these assignment fun for future students and not to tedious. I wanted them to create something that could end up potentially being something that they enjoy. I tried …

  21. beauty_b_

    Hit It! My First Assignment Idea for DS106


    Here is the link to the first assignment that I created for the class.

    Hit It

    (The details about this assignment are on this page)

    Inspiration: During the past few months I’ve noticed that funny pictures have become really popular on social networks, especially Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Inspired by …

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