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To help make it easier to find my assignments for my professor, I’ll go ahead and collect the two assignments I created this year into this one post (via link). :)

Earlier in the semester, I submitted a Visual Assignment, When Unicorns Explode.  Honestly, I didn’t really know what I was doing when I created this assignment, but I’m glad I knew enough to only label it as one star.  It really is not very complicated, but it is my first assignment baby, and it is still pretty dear to me, both because of what it is and because of the occasion for which I created it.  Check it out!

Now, for my final project, I created a stop-motion video assignment, Inanimate Motion.  I can’t believe no one had submitted such an assignment before.  I meticulously dug through all of the video assignments to be sure that no such thing was already there, and there was not.  This solidified for me that I needed to do it.  My husband originally mentioned the idea as something he had wanted to do had he been able to stick it out throughout the semester as an open participant (before his own college courses picked up and he started to drown).  Once it was time to start working on my final project, it seemed like a perfect fit.  My submission for this one is horrific compared to the other works I’ve seen out there, but again, it’s mine, and it’s special to me. :)   Enjoy!

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