1. crystalrose0784

    Lemme Sum-Up :)


    What a ride!!  Let me tell you all about it!

    No, it’s too much, lemme sum-up.   (You knew I had to get one more Princess Bride reference in there)

    Final Project

    I had a lot of fun making this project.  I still think the quality of work I produce …

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    Advice – from someone who’s been there ;)


    I decided to do this a little differently than my classmates.  I wanted a simple, easy-to-read, at-a-glance poster full of the main tips that I hadn’t seen in the advice videos I’d viewed coming in.  So, I went to Google Images, and found a cool poster background, uploaded it into …

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    Meme Wars


    Living it up in modern day style, as part of my Final Project, Spongebob and Patrick will spend part of the Best Day Ever in a meme war.  To do this, I’m using the Caption That assignment.  To be perfectly honest, though, I felt the assignment was too easy …

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    Patrick’s Second Try


    As another part of my Final Project, I decided to give Patrick a second try at cheering Spongebob up (not being allowed to go to work is horrifically depressing for the best fry cook of all time).

    So to do this, I used the Onomatopoeias! Audio Assignment, and it was …

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    Assignment Summary


    To help make it easier to find my assignments for my professor, I’ll go ahead and collect the two assignments I created this year into this one post (via link).

    Earlier in the semester, I submitted a Visual Assignment, When Unicorns Explode.  Honestly, I didn’t really know what I …

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    Inanimate Motion Tutorial


    For this assignment, it helps to begin with an overarching story in mind.  I chose to do this assignment in a way that it would contribute to the story I’m telling in my Final Project for ds106 – Spongebob’s Best Day Ever.

    So, I went digging through my kids’ toys …

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    When Unicorns Explode Tutorial


    In order to complete this assignment and earn the star it says it’s worth, there are three options.

    1)  Make or take a picture that is a part of a story of something meaningful to you.  Write up the full story, in the manner that I have done on this

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    Summarizing Remixes


    This week represents my second complete failure.

    Unfortunately, I did not get to any of the work as I had hoped to this week.  And now that today has come, I am pathetically sick.  As in, I think I need to go to bed, because nothing productive is going to …

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    Researching Remixes


    For ds106 this week, we were required to do a bit of study on remixes, mashups, and as a result, copyright and fair use laws.  This week’s material we had to review was probably one of the most entertaining to date.  With the exception of a few, the majority of …

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    Does Fezzik Make the Cut?


    Do the Hitch Cutds106 Video Assignment worth 4 stars

    Alfred Hitchcock, the legendary master of suspense, shares a brief 90-second lesson on how a simple change in a three-shot edit can result in evoking a completely different response from the viewing audience. Can you do the Hitch Cut? …

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    Reading Movies in Week 10


    The good news – I’m getting the last of my ds106 work in before the midnight deadline this week.

    The bad news – this is only because I have a research paper due tomorrow which is going to be what ultimately keeps me up well past midnight tonight anyway.

    BUT …

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    Exploring Women


    I began looking farther into the movie Scent of a Woman the way any self-respecting college student begins their research – I checked out the Wiki article.    If you read my prior post, you’ll remember that I had never seen nor heard of this movie prior to the …

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    WRTZ Radio Rawsomeness


    Haley, Dan, Paul, Rob, and Me.

    Remember that list.  It’s the Dream Team.  You don’t even know.

    When teams first started opening up to be formed, and I saw this one started, I did something I never usually do.  I asked to join in with this group.

    It must be …

  14. crystalrose0784

    Weeks 7 and 8 Daily Creates


    Monday (the 8th)

    Take a photo, then edit that photo to the eXtreme, making the photo eXtraordinary.

    I took a shot of my friend tossing my other friend’s son up into the air.  It already seemed to be an eXtremely epic shot, so I decided to make it even moreso.   …

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    Two Weeks of Audio Awesome


    Weekly Summary – wherein I kick the rear cheeks of some serious audio assignments.  Because nothing makes me cry without recompense. 

    Audio Assignments

    Audio.  Wow.  Just wow, audio.  So many tears for me.  I really can’t explain my stupid nervous tick that brings unwanted tears to my eyes and redness …

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    Over-Dramatic Reading


    Over-Dramatic Reading

    Choose any written material (a song, poem, short book, excerpt from a novel, scene from a television show, news article, etc.) and record a dramatic reading. Read your selection in a way that alters the message of the original material (at an odd pace, overly excited, sad, etc. …

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