1. crystalrose0784

    A Rollercoaster of Creation


    In case you haven’t heard yet, there is this beautiful place on the Interwebs called The Daily Create.  It has quickly become one of my favorite places, and has become a wonderful excuse to take a creative break out of my days.  I’ve found it’s refreshing, and I’ve come …

  2. crystalrose0784

    Predecessor Appreciation


    This week, in my ds106 class, we’ve been diving into the world of storytelling in all sorts of ways, in an attempt to better understand what it is, what it means, and what it can do.  One of the most fun, and yet time-consuming assignments to this effect was to …

  3. crystalrose0784

    The Color Fun


    When my good friend Carolyn asked me if I’d do The Color Run with her back at the beginning of the year, I agreed to do it, even though I didn’t understand what it was.  I mean, it had the word run in it.  That was cool with me.

    When …

  4. crystalrose0784

    Redirecting to a subdomain – Debugged!!


    WARNING!!  Boring administrative post incoming!! 

    I was one of those who fell for that annoying little trick and accepted the /wordpress subdomain WordPress automatically offered us during initial setup.  Man, did I ever pay for that.  Justin and I both pulled our hair out for a while trying to figure …

  5. crystalrose0784

    Sharing the Fun


    Every day, for thousands of years, people everywhere have laughed.  They’ve laughed for endless amounts of reasons – at everyday ironies, at idiosyncrasies, at stupidity, at each others’ sense of humor, at others’ misfortune, and even at their own misfortunes.

    Oh my gosh, my life sucks…that is SO FUNNY!

    I …

  6. crystalrose0784

    What Tom Hanks Thinks About Me Making GIFs



    I need to laugh like this more often.


    This assignment sucked.  It made me cry.  Many many times.  Actually, it just made me cry again, as I just finished typing it up, and when I clicked save, it deleted all of my writing, saving only the GIF.

    What …

  7. crystalrose0784

    Addicted to tdc


    Apparently, I have come to love the Daily Create.  I finished ds106‘s Weekly Summary for last week a little early, and didn’t include Friday’s or Saturday’s assignment, so I’ll include these here, just for my own sake if nothing else.  I like the idea of being able to …

  8. crystalrose0784

    With Liberty and Free-Sharing For All


    ‘Use the power of the Web to learn more about CC and copyright.’  Well, alrighty, Professors.  Challenge heard and accepted.

    I began my online research with the smartest site in the world: Google.

    But as much as we all love Google, we never really spend more than a few …

  9. crystalrose0784

    Breaking Out Of My Shell


    About Me
    Perhaps an advantage of being one of the last students to be added to the course, is that I have had the advantage of seeing everything you all have posted already, before having to create my own. A disadvantage, maybe then, would be that I’ll know all of …

  10. crystalrose0784

    Keychain Introductions


    My very first Daily Create.   Generally, I’m very excited about this page, but I don’t like the idea of putting myself on video. Stresses me out.  I was just gonna show you my keys on a table, but decided that since this assignment was chosen to help us meet …

  11. crystalrose0784

    Fashionably late


    What, I don’t get a little bit of grace for being a late-comer? Come on, now, I just got added to the class this morning (or was it yesterday morning…I’ve lost count).

    Whatever.  Patient or not, I guess the interwebs will just have to wait another half-second or so while …

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