Poor, Disobedient, Over-Adventurous Fievel

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Ever heard of  Kurt Vonnegut.  Yeah, me either.  Well, until this week. :)

I’ve talked with friends and my husband before about how there are no original stories, how all stories are the same old same old, same stuff, different setting, change the names to protect the innocent kinda stuff.

Our buddy Kurt here puts a visual to that concept.  Pretty efficiently, actually.  At least, in terms of the main mood of the main character of a story.  Granted, there’s much more to life than a mood, but it’s fun to indulge this theory a little bit and see what you come up with, anyway.

I decided to do this with one of my old favorite movies from childhood – An American Tail. (get it?? Tail?? Instead of Tale? Cuz…they’re mice…with…tails…)  My son’s been sick this week, so we’ve been stuck inside quite a bit and, well, we’ve watched a lot of Fievel this week. So he’s on my mind. :P

Here’s my interpretation of the shape of Fievel’s story (click on image to see full picture:


Poor Fievel spends most of the story in a horrible state. It’s to his credit that he somehow manages to smile his way through most of the story despite all that. But then again, maybe that’s just because he’s a cartoon. :P

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