1. crystalrose0784

    Jingle Jangle


    Jingle Jangle

    Write a jingle about a product that you like and then use your imagination. Extra points if you use an instrument.

    Rice and Beans

    So for our radio show, my group and I created a world in post-zombie-apocalypse. You should seriously check it out. But that’s a separate …

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    It’s hail. No srsly.


    Imitate Some Weather

    Using only your voice and things within arm’s reach of your computer, imitate some kind of weather. It doesn’t have to be long, but make it sound as real as possible.


    I blame the suck of this on the limitations within the instructions on the project.  …

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    I’m so funny


    Make ‘em Laugh!

    Find a good, brief joke in a language other than your mother tongue; if you don’t know any other languages this might be a good way to start learning. Record your voice telling the joke focusing on pronunciation and try to make it sound as natural as …

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    The Original Twitter


    Old School Style

    All of my design assignments this week were found through clicking the Random button on the assignment repository pages.   Not that I did every assignment I came across.  I pretty much just clicked, waited a minute to see if I had inspiration, and clicked again if I …

  5. crystalrose0784

    Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better


    Re-branding – Micron should pay me for this.

    This is from the design assignment called Re-brand ‘em.  I took the advice from underconsideration.com and simplified the logo a bit.  Since Micron uses circular wafers, I incorporated the circular shape of those into the colors Micron generally likes to use …

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    Churchill – Biggest Jerk in History?



    The truth about Winston Churchill…

    My defamation of my good buddy Winston here is in honor of the True Lies Design Assignment.  Churchill is way too easy to pick on, really.  My honest opinion of him is that he was one of the awesomest, most intelligently sarcastic yet effective …

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    Birthday Blitz!!


    Oops. I didn’t realize I’d saved this as a draft and never published it. *facepalm* I am so awesome.

    But here we go, in its full glory – MY PHOTOBLITZ!!! *obnoxious cheering noises*

    20 minutes, 10 photos, 5 ladies, 1 beautiful winery – CAN we do it?!

    Oh heck yes.…

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    I Make Music, Not Album Covers


    This one baffled me a bit.  I feel like maybe I’ll have to take this down before long.  Is there something wrong with this assignment page itself?

    The assignment here was to make an album cover, finding your band name, album name, and base cover photo by way of random …

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    Then and Now


    My kids. The trees.  Everything.  Except for that bench.  It’s so much smaller than I remember!

    Just three years

    Once upon a time, my kids were nowhere close to being able to reach the ground on this bench.  When we took this picture, Justin and I had barely been together …

  10. crystalrose0784

    Because Unicorns Make Everything Better


    Come on.  Tell me you’ve never wished you had your very own unicorn.  Just try.

    You’d be lying, right?  And if yo’ mama raised you right, you can’t tell a lie, right? Right.

    In case you’re just tuning in here, Saturday of this week was my Sissy’s birthday.  Around these …

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    Creating Daily with the Things I Love



    Somebody around me is making music??  Well, of course they are!  If we were to create a family crest, music notes, and perhaps some sort of instrument, would be MUSTS.  Music is a HUGE part of who we are as a family.  Unfortunately, this was posted on a day …

  12. crystalrose0784

    The Best


    Aw, geez, you mean you want me to say that I like something that I made??

    Alright, I’ll try to at least decide what’s the best of my stuff, compared to the rest of my own stuff.  I guess I can do that.

    Being a little bit on the OCD …

  13. crystalrose0784

    Playing with Our New Ideas


    This past Friday was Field Trip Day for my son and I.  We were both pretty excited.  It was time to go play with some other homeschoolers and have a bunch of fun and whatnot.We were only going to a park to play and take pictures, but still.  It was …

  14. crystalrose0784

    An Old Fart Date Night


    It’s Friday night.  Both kids are gone.  I’m home alone, and hubby is just getting off of work.

    Holy cow, a night to ourselves?! What is this?!  What should we do???

    I know!  How about if we brought home pizza (thank you, Dominos, for offering GF pizza), wine, beer, …

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    Of Babies and Creepy Things


    This week, I took a dive into the big, fat, hairy, scary world of DIGITAAAAAAL AUDIO-DIO-DIO-dio-dio.

    Seriously, having completed the assignments from this week, I’m starting to feel like there’s nothing I can’t do anymore. This was my Everest. This was my frozen-with-fear, never-gonna-make-it-over-this mountain.

    But I totally did …

  16. crystalrose0784

    Didn’t Know I Was That Creepy…


    So, you want me to make noises?  With a computer?

    Scary, scary stuffs.  But okay.

    Actually, in all honesty, this was pretty fun.  I don’t know how my bumper ended up creepy, but that was the vibe I was getting, so I went with it.

    In my class this week, …

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    Not-so-daily Creations


    Say it isn’t so!!

    Tell me I didn’t miss some assignments from the Daily Create this week!


    It’s a sad, sad week.  When I heard the professors mention, I think during Week 1 or 2, that usually some history paper or other will come along and take their students’ …

  18. crystalrose0784

    The Live Experience


    So, I’ve tuned in to ds106 radio a few times before, but never for quite as long as I did today.

    Okay, so honestly, last time I listened, it was because my husband had turned it on from his laptop, and I overheard it.    It was pretty timely, too.  He …

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