It’s hail. No srsly.

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Imitate Some Weather

Using only your voice and things within arm’s reach of your computer, imitate some kind of weather. It doesn’t have to be long, but make it sound as real as possible.


I blame the suck of this on the limitations within the instructions on the project.  It hurts me to post it.  But here it is.

My fleece sweater was on the arm of the chair next to me, and a cheap plastic controller (that goes to God-knows-what) was the only other thing in arm’s reach.  I had the idea to rustle the fleece slightly in my left arm while my left hand held the phone (so I was kinda rubbing the fleece itself on the iPhone mic), and then gradually start tapping the controller on the stone coffee table top.  And this is what you get.  I felt that it sounded like wind and then gradually intensifying hail.

You’re totally allowed to hate it.  It was fun to make, though.

This assignment was worth 1 star.  For obvious reasons.  It was the last one that came up in my rotation.  I only needed one more star at that point, so I just kept clicking the random assignment button until it gave me a 1-star option. :)

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