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This past Friday was Field Trip Day for my son and I.  We were both pretty excited.  It was time to go play with some other homeschoolers and have a bunch of fun and whatnot.We were only going to a park to play and take pictures, but still.  It was something different, and we were going to see friends.  It was a big deal.

And then, of course, a half hour before we were supposed to leave, the other families cancelled. :(

*womp womp woooooomp*

I knew my son was going to be devastated.  I was, too.  So as quickly as I could, I instituted Field Trip Day: The REMIX.

We had been learning this past week about the United States government.  Being so close to home, I decided that we were going to go visit George Washington’s Boyhood Home – the historical site only recently found (within the past 15 years – the exact location of the house itself only discovered in 2008!) and still being excavated for artifacts, and soon to have his home reconstructed.  And since his Cub Scout assignment of the month was to learn about the way people ‘used’ to live, either last generation or historically, in some manner, I thought it would be neat to take him to see where the first president of the United States lived and did school from ages 6-20.

It was beyond neat.  It was pure epic awesomeness.  On many occasions, his eyes were downright shining, he was so excited at the things he was seeing.  Homeschool Field Trip Day – saved. :D Go me.

Once we got outside of the Visitor’s Center, I began to realize just how beautiful this location really was, and how many different scenes there were available, just waiting to be photographed.  So, armed with all the new tips I’d read from ds106′s Week 5 Assignment Post, I set out to branch out and try some new things.  Not much, granted, and hampered by the baby I was toting in the carrier strapped around my torso, but still.

So just for fun, and just to share some of the different things I tried, here’s the photographic version of our field trip. :)


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