Didn’t Know I Was That Creepy…

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So, you want me to make noises?  With a computer?

Scary, scary stuffs.  But okay.

Actually, in all honesty, this was pretty fun.  I don’t know how my bumper ended up creepy, but that was the vibe I was getting, so I went with it. :)

In my class this week, as we focus on digital audio, we were instructed to create a short bumper for the class’s awesome radio station, ds106radio.  Admittedly, there is some eclectic material on there at times, and perhaps that is where my creepy vibe stems from.  Some tunes, this would make a great intro for.  Others, it would just be comical and off.  But whatever.  This is my bumper.  There are many like it, but this one is mine. :)

I have to say, I did have a hard time figuring out why at first I couldn’t get any files imported into Audacity to create this, but after much whining and kicking and screaming, I actually paid attention to the error messages’ instructions, and consulted my dear friend Google, and ultimately got it done by downloading the LAME mp3 encoder and the FFmpeg library.  Voila!  The buttons in Audacity can be kind of vague, but once I played around with them a bit (and stopped getting crazy with the cut and paste Word-like skillz), I found it to be rather user-friendly.

For this track, I used a guitar arpeggio sound clip from this guy as the main background, a cool crash reverse sound from this guy, and some awesome vocals made-to-order from Yours Truly, using the soundcloud app on my brand new iPhone 4 (I’ll get the old one and pay 99 cents over a brand new one for $400 plus any day), with a little bit of negative amplification and some extra echo effect just for fun, to see what it would do.  And here you see the result!  I hope you enjoy!

This process does seem a bit addicting. :)

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