Because Unicorns Make Everything Better

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Come on.  Tell me you’ve never wished you had your very own unicorn.  Just try.

You’d be lying, right?  And if yo’ mama raised you right, you can’t tell a lie, right? Right.

In case you’re just tuning in here, Saturday of this week was my Sissy’s birthday.  Around these parts, that’s *kinda* a big deal.  Like a national holiday. (duh)  What does my Sissy want?  A unicorn.

So do I deliver?


So, in honor of my Sissy’s birthday, our unicorn friend accompanied us on our family outings today.  So our buddy Unicorn accompanied me while doing two other assignments (Art Comes To Life, and Return to the Scene of the Crime), then went on a hike with us and hit lots of fun points along the C.F. Phelps Wildlife Reserve trail, and then went to Moo-Thru with us (where he tried to steal my mint chocolate chip sundae, but FAILED).  But don’t worry, he had plenty of fun with us today, and is quite a happy unicorn. <3

Enjoy, and happy birthday, Sissy. <3  I love you with all my heart.


(and for the boring stuff)

This is the Buddy Photo Visual Assignment, which represents 2 out of my 10 stars for this week.

I uploaded all of my photos to Flickr into a Buddy Photo set that I created just for this project.  I then went to the Set page, and clicked on Slideshow.  From there, I clicked on Share in the top right corner, and copied the embed code, and pasted it into the HTML tab on my WordPress Dashboard. :)   Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!  And fun and oh-so-worth it. :)

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