How We Do, or Why TDCs Take Us 2 Hours or More

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Looking back, I’m not sure why we even felt it was necessary to have me take the video for JMo.  I don’t think I saw a single other submission for the keychain Daily Create assignment that used anyone else’s help to take the video.  But apparently, when you’re an old married couple like us, it’s just more fun to do the weird stuff together. ;) This was the result.

There were plenty of other outtakes and photos from our adventures in trying to capture his key stories, and lots more laughs, but we decided to spare you all some of them. Trust us – it’s better this way.

We had an absolute blast making his video, if for no other reason than because we decided to be goofy with it.  To me, these are the beautiful moments in life.  And since these moments came from an experience shared with the ds106 crew, I thought I’d share the fun with you all, and anyone else who stumbled across this. (Of course, he had the same idea, in a different way, and got to editing the video first…so I decided to just limit my post to my rambling commentary on the final product he put together.)

(Btw, I’m not sure why the outtakes video he made showed up on the tdc daily submission page, either.  He tagged dailycreate, but not tdc233.  We don’t know. :P   Sorry for the clutter.)

We realize that maybe we’re the only ones who think any of this is funny.  That’s okay with us.  If you decided to read and watch for today’s post, I hope you at least got some smiles from the shared experience.  With all the negative mess out there on marriage, I figure it couldn’t hurt to show a little glimpse into the life of a happy couple. Because if finding joy in the every day isn’t art, then I don’t know what is. ;)




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