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Wow.  The Final Project, huh?  (yes, capitalized.  It’s that important.)  Well, then.

I think this calls for Spongebob Squarepants.

I have to admit here, and give credit where it is due.  While I was drowning in panic, scrolling through all of ds106, the syllabus, the assignment repositories, inSPIRE, and twitter, I finally stumbled across something that calmed me a bit: a well-put-together final project planning blog post.

I have never considered myself to be incredibly creative on my own, though I have been known to be a rather successful imitator.  And as far as learning and comprehension, I’m visual to a fault.  I have to see it to understand it.  Without a visual, it’s all a fog.  I hate that about myself sometimes, but it’s just the way it is.

So, I read through Rob’s post, and was inspired.  I started to feel like I was getting an idea of what this thing is supposed to look and feel like.  I especially liked how Rob’s doing his on a thing, not a person.  That’s awesome.  I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from his.  But anyway, I digress.  The point is, that I began to feel more confidant in my ability to do this final project.  Thanks, Rob!

Then, as a kind of thanks for the help, I posted a link back to Rob of something that his post title reminded me of, that makes me smile, in the hopes that it would make him smile too.

For posterity’s sake, the link to the actual video is here for your viewing pleasure:

:D :D :D :D

Yeah, that makes me happy.

So then I went back to browsing ds106 and more tweets and such, looking for more inspiration.  I even posted on Facebook to ask others for ideas on iconic figures I could do this project on.  I got everything from Jesus to Ansel Adams to Catherine the Great.  I mean, sure, it could be done, but for me, Facebook failed, once again. :P   It just wasn’t what I was going for.

And as the night wore on, the song above continued to play in my head.  And then it hit me.


Heck yes, of course…Spongebob.  The Best…Day…Ever. :D

Maybe I can even incorporate my project from earlier in the year

From here, I couldn’t make the ideas stop.  I immediately used my KeepVid browser button to download the First Day Ever video, and then grabbed The Best Day Ever as well.  Because you just don’t know what you may need for these things. :D   And then, I went back to the assignment repositories.

Video (4 stars)

What Do Pets Think About? – Gary’s take on the Best Day Ever?

Lip Sync Your Favorite Song – Epic ideas for incorporating this one.

Web (6 stars)

What They Might Have Done In Social Media – Would Spongebob document the Best Day Ever using Social Media?  Heck yes, he would!!

Google History Maps Story – Come with me as we follow Spongebob (and friends) on their Best Day Ever.

Audio (7 stars)

Onomatopoeias! – What Spongebob story would be complete without the sound of a Spongebob laugh?  This seems to be the perfect way to incorporate that on in.

Uninteresting Story – I’m considering having Squidward give Spongebob advice on how to have his best day ever, Squidward style.  :)

Movie Voice Machines – Patrick calling Spongebob to see where he is?  Did Spongebob abandon Patrick to have his Best Day Ever alone??  Or did he abandon Patrick and stand him up?  Or does he plan to surprise Patrick with secret plans to include him?  STAY TUNED!!

I’m going to stop here.  I may be going overboard.  Maybe I won’t use all of these.  I really want to let these ideas stew a bit longer, and consider how to incorporate these things into my blog in a creative way to really tell the story.  I can see how this could really be the biggest part of the challenge.  More importantly, I am having fun with creating for this project, so I think I’d like to have my new assignment submissions, creations, and perhaps tutorials be for this project.  Also, I have a feeling that I’ll want to add quite a few remix/mashup assignments to this mix, so I want to leave some space for this until I’ve had time to explore this more efficiently (and I’ve already counted 17 stars here, so I think it’s time to let it rest for now).  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. :)

So, I am admitting that this is not a complete brainstorm.  But it certainly is a planning blog post. :D

I hope you enjoy!  What do you think?  Epic?  Overdone?  Constructive feedback or ideas??  I’m more open than an empty venus fly trap. :D Or something like that.

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