Hit It! My First Assignment Idea for DS106

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Here is the link to the first assignment that I created for the class.

Hit It

(The details about this assignment are on this page)

Inspiration: During the past few months I’ve noticed that funny pictures have become really popular on social networks, especially Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Inspired by this, I thought it would be a great idea for students to try to come up with their own. I figured that this would be a really cool and fun assignment for them to get creative with and it wouldn’t be a struggle to complete.

Rating: I gave this assignment a two star rating mainly do to the fact that students will have to use their resources or the internet to find a program that will allow them to add text to an image and that they will have to be creative in some way in order to make the image funny.

Here is are two examples (I got both of the images off of Facebook):

Here is the original image that I used in my example:

Here is the image after I added in the text:

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