1. kmatthe2

    Final Summary


    Best Work:

    This radio show is probably the high point of the semester. We had a lot of fun making it and Kendall and Shawn did a great job editing it together.

    Other Best Work:

    I tried to pick one from each category of assignments. My gifs I am very …

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    Advice to Future Students


    Yeah, I made a video. Of myself. Just talking and giving advice. I thought this was the best way to do it. I really hope it conveys how much fun this class is, even though sometimes I though I would never get through it. I really enjoyed myself and the …

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    Meet Judy Johnson:


    Here’s her autobiography, published with the help of her trusted aide, Kelsey Matthews.

    Judy wanted to learn how to introduce herself to Rhode Island. She went on the radio in Providence.

    The Rhode Islanders loved her! She was an instant hit. Next up on her agenda …

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    Judy-A Life in Two Minutes


    Here’s how I have  Judy apologize to Rhode Island:

    The link to the assignment is here. I was struggling to think of something to do in two minutes, but I think I pulled it off. I recorded myself in Audacity, cleaned up the long pauses and then exported the …

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    Here’s Judy’s autobiography:


    Yes, that is the real Aunt Judy with the teabag hat. I wanted to tie her to Sarah Palin, hence the ‘Maverick’ use. Also, I made myself co-author on there, since I am the one publicizing Judy’s story. I love that picture because it really embodies …

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    This is an assignment I made up myself! Woop!

    here’s Judy’s vlog.

    The idea behind it was to introduce Judy to the fine folks of Rhode Island. However, my dogs interrupted my recording. When I was editing it together, I realized [LIGHTBULB], that Judy’s big mistake could be that her …

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    Judy-Radio Interview


    Here’s where Judy was interviewed:

    I used the mulitpersonality assignment to have her interviewed. I am playing both characters, obviously. I just asked questions and then responded in Judy’s voice. Yes, the quote about Sarah Palin is from the actual Aunt Judy. I also misquote Washington and Lincoln, which I …

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    Judy-Scenes With An Impact


    Judy was feeling really bad after her flap of not really having a Rhode Island accent, as revealed in her vlog.

    Here’s what I made as her response. I went to youtube and typed in ‘presidential goofs’. That was NOT hard to find videos on. Then I downloaded them via …

  9. kmatthe2

    Judy-Four Icon Story


    Here is Judy’s four icon story. I’m using it to sum up her entire campaign run. I found the icons through a google search and put them together using Picasa. The order of the icons is simple. Judy is running for Congress as a Rhode Island Representative. She gives a …

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    Assignment Ideas


    Here are my assignment ideas:

    One-Swap Shop! This was inspired by an actual radio show that occurs where I grew up on the Eastern Shore. I mixed it up a little to make it funnier, but it often is pretty funny anyway. I used Audacity to record myself and …

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    Here are my two tutorials

    One-This was from the redub the audio assignment. I really liked the redub and enjoyed planning it out!

    Two-NBC really sucks, and I think they’re blocking my content right now. But, this assignment is still really fun and should be used, as in …

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    Assignment Idea #3


    Make a vlog or a flog [fake vlog]!

    I did this as part of my final project. The idea behind it is that it’s something relatively fun to do and gives the person freedom to explore accents and voices and just really have fun!

    I describe it as:

    Yes! Make …

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    Assignment Idea #2


    DIGITAL SHORT MASH UP!-Make your own Digital Short-the crazier the better; can be from existing digital shorts or your own!

    For this assignment, I took four different digital shorts from SNL. [There are over 100 to choose from]. The ones I chose were I’m On A Boat, Boombox, The …

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    Assignment Idea #1


    Yes, I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. One of the local radio stations always had this thing called ‘Swap Shop’ where people would call in and sell their goodies or whatever. So I decided, HELLO! perfect assignment. I recorded myself in audacity as both the …

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    Ok, ok. Don’t hurt me. I went to the recycling phonar. I saw some stuff I could use for this song that is one of my favorites. It’s off the weeds soundtrack and is entitled f—was I thinking. Yeah, a song with a title like that is destined to be …

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    Remix #2


    for this remix, I used a new assignment, the movie song mashup!

    I might have interpreted it wrong, but here I’ve tried to combine two songs, Candle on the Water and Safe and Sound. Candle on the water is a complete classic by Helen Reddy from…PETE’S DRAGON. HOLY CRAP, my …

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    First Attempt at a Remix!


    Movie Trailer Mashup:

    Worth 4 stars:

    I mashed together the Brave trailer with the Harry Potter theme music. At first, I was going to use the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song but I think Potter works much better.

    I downloaded the Brave trailer from youtube with iLivid and imported …

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    My understanding of REMIX


    So…the first one I watched was disney used to explain copyright:

    From this: I really like the idea that we are constantly building new ideas on old ones. Which makes it really hard to understand copyright. Confession: I’m pretty sure I violate copyright a lot. And as a history major, …

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    Final Project Planning


    Okay, so I really like SNL. Obsessed is a better description. So, I do my own voices too. This involves character creation. One of my voices is a gravelly one, similar to Roz in Monsters Inc. The voice is actually inspired by a real-life woman I will call Aunt Judy …

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    Weekly Summary 11 and 12


    Wow, done with video. I still think audio rates at the top, but video wasn’t so bad.

    I learned how to work in Adobe Premiere and actually liked it. I think I may invest in some adobe software now. I’ve been using the free trials because they last just long …

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    Video Assignment #3


    The lip synch! woot!

    This was the most fun to do. I initially wanted to do it to Carole King’s Way Over Yonder. However, that was WAY too depressing for ds106 (and I already associate that song with funerals..bad). Instead, I dug into what songs are really fun to sing. …

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    Video Assignment #2


    For this assignment, I picked redubbing the audio.

    First, pick the clip you want. I chose to do a clip from A League of Their Own. I love the scene where Tom Hanks totally goes off and talks about how “there’s no crying in baseball”.

    Second, make sure …

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    Video Assignment #1


    For this assignment, I chose to do the silent movie.

    First, I had to choose a movie. I chose the trailer of Elf because I start watching Christmas movies right after Halloween (or during…). I picked the trailer because it gave such a good overview.  I downloaded it from …

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    Weekly Summary 10!


    Here it is folks, weekly summary number 10!

    My video editing tools are somewhat lacking, but I’ll make the best of them. I have MPEG streamclip, which I really like but sometimes don’t know how to use. I also have windows movie maker which SUCKS so I am considering an …

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