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Best Work:

This radio show is probably the high point of the semester. We had a lot of fun making it and Kendall and Shawn did a great job editing it together.

Other Best Work:

I tried to pick one from each category of assignments. My gifs I am very proud of, and I really like making them. I also enjoyed the lip sync, although it’s more for funny than anything else.

Color Splash 2

Color Splash 1

Both of these were really fun to do! I noticed that when I really enjoyed an assignment, I did multiples of it! This was pretty relaxing to do, and I loved learning to work with photoshop. [yes, the adobe suite made my christmas list, thanks ds106].

FINAL PROJECT– This was pretty challenging. I liked the freedom and structure of it though. It made me feel like I had creative liberty within the project to kind of push to boundaries of the parameters given in the assignments [I did with Scenes With an Impact]. I also liked the structure in that we had a huge bank of assignments to choose from but we could chose our poison so to speak.  It was really fun to make too. I love creating stories and I hope that comes through when people look at my project. I don’t know if it’s as funny as I wanted it to be, but I certainly tried! I definitely think this should always be the final project.

Tutorials and Assignments: My tutorials are mainly walkthroughs of the redub and the digital short remix. I liked making both, although the digital short one could use tweaking. The assignments I thought up were to fake a vlog, swap shop, and digital short remix. I’m torn about which one is my favorite, but I like them all. I know I complained about video, but then I made 2/3rds of my assignment creations video. Swap shop reminds me of my hometown, so I love it. I love the idea of selling a product while bashing the product as well (mine isn’t really a product, but a dog.) The vlog assignment I made up for Judy/Final Project. I really like how it ended up working into my final project. Digital Short Remix is like a tribute to SNL and it’s probably clear by now that I REALLY like SNL. [Although not NBC because they are crazy about some copyright–my youtube account has some kind of watch on it now.]

Here’s my advice to future students!

My what is storytelling post is still true for the most part. I think I do like digital storytelling more. There are just so many mediums that traditional storytelling can’t even begin to cover that digitally you can. I like having lots of options. I think after being familiar with so many things [you can tell we had just done gifs in my post] that digital storytelling becomes almost on online forum for review and editing the story as well. I think the participatory aspects of digital storytelling are greater. There’s so much more opportunity for active involvement with a story and creating it that it’s really awesome. There is so much more creative license and ways to express yourself than in traditional storytelling. I love the digital world and am so happy that I took this class!

Final thoughts: Wow, what a ride it’s been. I took 18 credits this semester and sometimes, I thought I would not finish the ds106 assignments on time. Yes, I had my share of freak-outs and tears, but I have learned SO MUCH. I know how to edit video and audio, which is a marketable skill. I can work in twitter and wordpress. I am good at troubleshooting, and google is my best friend. I love the freedom of this class. I just am really big into self-expression and I think that we were allowed a lot of that. I want to say thanks to Alan and Martha for making this a really good experience and I am so glad to have been a part of it. Thanks y’all!


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