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A Highlight Reel of Sorts

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In continuation of my final project, I have put together a few of my favorite scenes (some of the best scenes) from the first half of the first season of Archer. I think this will be a really effective way of recruiting a trainer for the ISIS space voyage, especially in combination with the posters I created. WARNING: This video contains a lot of crude and lewd behavior. If you don’t find this sense of humor funny, I suggest you not watch it.

To create this highlight reel, I combed through the first half of season one of Archer. This was time consuming, but totally worth it. It was hard deciding which scenes to pick, but I ended up going with the ones that I LOLed at. That seemed to be the most reliable way. I watched them in MPEG, and every time I stumbled upon a scene that I laughed at, I trimmed the video down, saved the clip, and then re-opened the entire thing. I tried to pick clips that related to each other from scene-to-scene (for the most part, since obviously not every episode relates to the last). Once I had picked out a selection of clips, I opened them all at once (in the reverse order) and then saved it all together. And voila–recruitment video and highlight reel all in one. This puts me at a whooping total of 12 stars for my final project.

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