Summer of Oblivion

Welcome to the Summer of Oblivion, the links below will take you to various resources for this 5-week Summer course that runs between June 20th and July 21st, 2011. You can jump in whenever you want, see the getting started link for more info.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5


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  1. #DS106 Proximity Sensor Sound Off | Stella Meme06-24-11
  2. Kindly Ignore the 100 ft. Marshmallow Man | The Tech Savvy Educator06-27-11
  3. Getting Started – late to the party! | ds106: the most fun i've had in ages07-01-11
  4. DTLT Today: The UMW Blogs Upgrade Show | bavatuesdays08-04-11
  5. Independent Domains – Thresholds to Teaching and Learning on the Open Web | bavatuesdays09-04-11
  6. Dr. Oblivion Welcomes You to ds10612-29-12
  7. ds106zone: You are About to Enter Another Dimension | bavatuesdays05-13-13
  8. Data is the New Flesh, Long Live Dr Oblivion | bavatuesdays11-14-13
  9. Distinguished Adjunct Professor Broadcasts Guerrilla Art Installation11-21-13
  10. Classes I want to teach | bavatuesdays02-25-14
  11. Same as it ever was | Hey Storytellers03-16-14
  12. Teaching as Collaboration | bavatuesdays05-29-14
  13. Dr. Chip Oblivion | bavatuesdays07-03-14
  14. ds106: Not a Course, Not Like Any MOOC | Alan Levine's Pubs02-15-15
  15. Noir106 Highlight Reel | bavatuesdays05-04-15
  16. We’re Only #HumanMOOC | bavatuesdays05-17-15
  17. The Un-education of a Technologist: From EDUPUNK to ds106 | bavatuesdays06-11-15
  18. Cults Go Outside | bavatuesdays03-03-16
  19. Thema 106 | bavatuesdays06-02-16
  20. Reclaim the Office | bavatuesdays12-20-16
  21. Seeking Answers: Can a Narrative Tie a Course Together? – CogDogBlog04-29-19
  22. A MOOC or not a MOOC- ds106 Questions the Form – Alan Levine's Pubs01-07-20
  23. A Stream of One’s Own | bavatuesdays10-06-20
  24. AI106: Long Live the New Flesh | bavatuesdays12-12-23