Dr. Oblivion Day 4: Dr. O’Blivion is missing!

In a strange twist, T.A. Jim Groom is left stranded by Dr. Oblivion and left to do all the work of ds106 in his absence. The doctor’s daughter, Bianca O’Blivion gives us all the details. Meanwhile a discussion on visual design and specific assignments for the course is facilitated with Martha Burtis (@mburtis) and Tim Owens (@timmmmyboy) and later Michael Branson Smith comes on to talk about game theory and ds106.

The live chat transcript for the video is here.

Given the unexpected turn of ds106 today, the first visual/design assignment is going to be to make a “Missing Persons” poster for Dr. O’Blivion. You can see the assignment here. Be sure to tag it properly, the most highly rated 3 posters will be printed out and posted around the world in physical space.

Also, Martha Burtis found some interesting clues that you may want to follow-up on, like this mysterious video published by Dr. O’Blivion soon before he went missing.

In an attempt to assist you with your poster design, Tim Owens has provided a series of resources (see links section of the following link) for various fonts, image editors, and the like, see it here.

Additionally, Michael Branson Smith came on to talk about ds106 as a Role Playing Game (RPG) and has at least two excellent posts on this topic so far: part 1 and part 2.

Finally we ended with Alan Liddell’s “News on the March” which summarizes yesterday’s happening, but could never have predicted today’s events.


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