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  3. ericgreenlaw

    Final Project


    Christian and I created two infographics that explored student tendencies of cheating and plagiarism in colleges and universities. We learned that a pretty good sized minority has committed a minor offense, such as copying some text from a source without citing it, and that larger offenses such as purchasing a …

  4. mwatanab

    Being Exactly Where You Need To Be


    My Sunday School class visits the nursing home across the street from us every first Sunday of the month. I was greeting new people and this one particular woman was sitting in her chair watching me closely. I wrapped up my short little spiel with the woman in the wheelchair …

  5. ericgreenlaw

    Propaganda Campaign


    Our group did a propaganda campaign opposing gun control laws. We found a good number of images that help portray our position on the subject. The pictures we chose use two different strategies, a satiric approach and a direct approach. We chose a fair amount of comedic pictures because satire …

  6. ericgreenlaw

    Pros and Cons of the Webs


    Web 1.0
    mostly reliable information
    not interactive
    less information available

    Web 2.0
    more interactive
    more information available
    sometimes the information is less reliable because anyone can edit it

    Web 3.0
    virtual reality

    there is no practicality so far
    not an actual name for …

  7. ericgreenlaw

    Articles for Thursday




  8. ericgreenlaw

    Information/Communication Representations


    1. Tv ad’s, the daisy ad for example, which uses propaganda and (not so) subliminal messaging
    2. Twitter, espn having live debates with analysts arguing which team will win an upcoming game and people tweeting a hashtag in support of either side
    3. Music, artists making songs and lyrics supporting …

  9. ericgreenlaw

    Projects I’d Like to Do


    1. My favorite idea was to recreate an old movie using new technology. I think it would be neat to see how a great old movie would look except with modern special effects. One movie that really comes to mind is The Birds. When I was little, my aunt said …

  10. ericgreenlaw

    Reflection of Our Project


    For our project, we 3D scanned several artifacts from the James Monroe Museum including Monroe’s Desk, a bas relief of Monroe’s negotiations regarding the Louisiana Purchase, and many other of the Monroe family’s personal possessions. It was really cool and fun to have the opportunity to work up close and …

  11. mwatanab

    Things I Miss About Hawai’i


    It has been almost a year and a half since I was in Hawai’i; it’s the longest I have been away.

    Shark’s Cove

    I miss swimming the afternoons in the ocean with my dad, chasing his fins.
    Running from the aquatic life; even strokes like I am flying.
    Breathe in …

  12. twerkooo



    Chapter 16: Pricing Objectives and Policies

    Walmart is a very well known company within the U.S. Over the years they have made it obvious that maximizing their profits is important to their success. Chapter 16 of Essentials of Marketing discusses the various objectives and policies that companies such as Walmart …

  13. twerkooo

    Facebook? Advertising…


    Chapter 15: More Details on Advertising, Publicity, and Sales Promotion

    The Essentials of Marketing states that in 2010 Television used the most amount of money for advertising their products/services to the public. Although that fact is still true today, it seems evident that as the times are changing the internet …

  14. twerkooo

    Personal Selling?


    Chapter 14: Personal Selling

    Personal selling is strategy that causes sales people within a company to convince potential buyers to purchase their product. This article discusses the various marketing strategies in personal selling. Personal selling is seen even when a person is trying to sell themselves to potential employers. The …

  15. twerkooo



    Chapter 13: Promotion

    “Promotion is communicating informationbetween the seller and potential buyer or others in the channel to influence attitudesand behavior.” (Essentials of Marketing)

    The three basic objectives to promote a product successfully are to inform, persuade, and remind customers. The idea of informing is to provide customers with all …

  16. twerkooo

    Umbrellas in a Desert?


    Chapter 10: Place and Development of Channel Systems

    Ever walk into a store and wonder WHY they sell a certain product there? Imagine visiting an area that is mostly dry and hot and walking into a convenience shop and one of the things they’re selling is an umbrella? It sounds …

  17. twerkooo

    Oh….. What brand is that?


    Chapter 8: Elements of Product Planning for Goods & Services

    “Branding” is the use of a name, term, symbol, or design – or a combination of those – to identify a product (Essentials of Marketing).

    The manner in which our society has progressed over the last couple of decades has …

  18. mwatanab

    Preschool Quips Refreshing Spirits


    It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and, though this is not going to be a hefty post, I’m going to ease my way back in.  Here are some of the silly things that kids say:

    From my beloved Puppylove: “You need to go potty.”  Why?  “Because you keep …

  19. twerkooo

    I WANT this, but I really NEED that….


    Chapter 5: Final Consumers and Their Buying Behavior

    A “need” is the basic force that motivates a person to do something, while a “want” is a need that is learned during a person’s life. As humans we are motivated by either a “need” or a “want” which has been psychologically …

  20. twerkooo

    I market? No wayyyyy


    Chapter 1: Marketing’s Value to Consumers, Firms, and Society

    Most of the time we don’t realize when we encounter the idea of “marketing” because it’s become second nature. Chapter 1 of “Essentials of Marketing” attempts to define marketing on a more personal level. We use marketing as a part of …

  21. ericgreenlaw



    The first article I read was the Nicholas Carr one, original I know. I completely agree with him. I actually had a conversation with my Dad about this topic a few weeks ago. I’ve noticed the same change in myself. I used to love to read, all throughout my schooling …

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