1. aetherbunny

    ds106: teaching an ethos


    My final paper is proceeding apace. And by “apace” I mean WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS LAST SEMESTER? What made me think this was a good plan? DEAR GOD I GRADUATE IN TWO MONTHS!

    Panicking aside, I’ve made some decent progress on sorting out how I want to …

  2. mwatanab

    To Round The Day


    3 Gifts Round

    215. My fiber casserole, or at least that’s what I’ll call it from now on.  So many beans!

    216. Pillows.  Oh my dear, gracious Lord, pillows are a delight when you use them as they were designed.

    217. Tying hair knots.  Knot…

    3 Gifts Found In Silence…

  3. mwatanab



    3 Gifts Carved

    203. I carved a little butt print into the carpet from working in that spot for so long.

    204. My name in His wounds.

    205. I LOVE WOOD CARVINGS.  Especially if they are sheep.

    3 Gifts In Christ

    206. I’ll be the first to tell you that …

  4. mwatanab

    On Failing and Flailing


    While I have failed miserably with trying to paint daily there are other parts of my the creative juices that are being scraped up and tossed into a blender.  I have been working on multiple projects that may or may not be related to an individual study.  I have continued …

  5. mwatanab

    Love Out Loud


    It’s finally here – the big 200!  200 gifts to be grateful for and not to ignore.

    3 Gifts Loud

    200. Shrill barking at 0730.  She’s alive and kicking, y’all.

    201. The parkway.

    202. The thub-thumping of my heart.

    When it’s loud I want to go away from the noise …

  6. mwatanab

    Shaken Up


    I’m shaking in my seat – literally.  The electrician is downstairs (probably right under where I’m sitting) drilling into his ceiling so that new recessed lighting can be put in.  I’m excited and terrified at the same time.  He’s working on putting lights into a part of the house that …

  7. mwatanab

    Finding the Gift


    3 Gifts Found

    191. A gift found in a friend – the work of the Holy Spirit.

    192. Babydog sleeping next to my drawing project.

    193. Starbucks, haha.  They’re deceptively difficult to locate!

    A Gift Bent, Broken, Beautiful

    194. Yoga Wednesdays.  PG and I miss each other so much that …

  8. mwatanab



    Yesterday was Girls’ Day!

    3 Gifts Wore

    185. I did not wear the silly little bobby pin with beautiful pink ribbons in it, but I wore the little turquoise ring I stole from my mom.

    186. I did not wear a kimono, or even a yukata, but I did wear …

  9. mwatanab



    3 Ugly-Beautiful Gifts

    173. Feet.

    174. Hands.

    175. Words.

    3 Gifts From the Past That Helps You Trust the Future

    176. I think the fact that I have a yesterday is gift enough.

    177. Grandparents.  Do I say this enough?

    178. World War II.  How often have I thought of …

  10. capnmarkish

    If I had a Nobel Prize to Give


    In my opinion, Mo Yan earned the Nobel prize, and deserved it. I believe it is unfair to place the label on him that he supports the state too much, or does not criticize it enough. It is imperative to me that we consider the audience Mo Yan intended to …

  11. mwatanab



    3 Gifts Seen As Reflections

    169. Sometimes the best gifts that are given are the ones that are received fully.  You never give a gift with the expectation for anything in return, no matter how subtle things are.

    170. I guess I’m in a reflective mood, and have been recently, …

  12. mwatanab

    A Cry In My Heart


    3 Gifts That Changed Today

    157. I’ve had a new change where I’m noticing how sensitive I am to chatter.

    158. I need sleep, desperately.  Fridays have become my Sabbath.

    159. I learned that I love reading.

    A Gift of Tin, Glass, Wood

    160. Coke.  I rarely have coke.

    161. …

  13. aetherbunny

    Back to the beginning: ds106 and open education


    This week’s post is going to be a bit short, but I’m hoping to lay the groundwork for a return to where all this madness began: ds106! My initial proposal revolved around framing a discussion of open education and edtech with my experiences in that class, and while I’ve …

  14. capnmarkish

    Source for my paper



    Above is a link to an article on China Daily. The article has very little to report, but what it says is huge for what I intend my research project to show. One thing I like in particular about this article, and part of why I chose to talk …

  15. mwatanab

    Corhaven: Reflections


    It’s been about a week since my day away and I need a reminder of what I learned or need to learn more about.

    Corhaven is a place of shelter and sanctuary for the heart. And this implies somehow the presence of God, for as St. Augustine said, “Our heart …

  16. mwatanab

    We Are Under Attack


    Things have been frightening and full of learning.  The Center is where I have found my new home.  We are called to explore our faiths, our relationship with Christ and advancing the Kingdom.  We are called to be a part of a community where no question is too big or …

  17. mwatanab

    Love Is God


    3 Ways You Feel The Love of God (133 – 135)

    So recently, because my heart has been all over the place, I am going to not listen to the dare and dare myself for more than three.

    God loves me because He puts me into safe situations, and when …

  18. mwatanab

    Getting Your Ashes On


    Today, well, yesterday now that I’m typing at three in the morning, is Ash Wednesday.  At four o’clock I went over with my friends from the BCM to my friends over at the CCM and partook in their service.  This is the second time I went to a service …

  19. mwatanab

    The Hours


    I’m so painfully behind…

    A Gift at 1130, 1430, 1830

    112. Waking up.

    113. Not having to go to anthropology.

    114. Laughter and dreams.

    A Gift Broken, Fixed, Thrifted

    115. A heart.

    116. A spirit.

    117. Ugly sweaters.

    3 Surprise Gifts – Unexpected Grace

    118. M&M games.  Oh gosh, more …

  20. mwatanab

    My Dear


    I am so very behind again, apologies.

    3 Gifts Found In Writing

    100. So I noticed that it’s really peaceful to be typing everything that comes into my brain.  It is pure bliss when you have a pen and you can write on paper and just let the thoughts bleed.…

  21. mwatanab

    On Being Loved


    It has been difficult finding time to devote to doing anything physical (running, painting, writing, etc.) daily – even my eating habits are all over the place.  This is a dangerous place for an introvert to be, especially when my graduation hangs on the line.  After organizing a Souper Bowl …

  22. capnmarkish

    Image from the Chinese Cultural Revolution


    This picture is too powerful not to be mentioned. One of the first things I noticed about this picture was the iconic outline of Mao in the background. In my mind, I wondered how much citizens were exposed to his image. In a time lacking in high quality photo/video taking, …

  23. twerkooo

    “Don’t stereotype me”


    Last Spring while walking on campus one day I was drawn into a table set up by a couple of my fellow classmates…. the table attempted to promote the term “Don’t stereotype me” in order to open a few eyes to the students of not only our university but also …

  24. mwatanab

    Hello, February


    3 Old Things Seen New

    88. Bricks on old buildings.

    89. Eighty-three year old eyes.

    90. The moon.  Its quiet presence.

    A Gift On Paper, In Person, In A Picture

    91. Paper transfer from my roommie to my waterbottle.

    92. Three-hour long conversations.

    93. The past captured in too many …

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