1. kpyrtle

    All You’ll Ever be is MEAN.




    So there is this group of girls at my school, they call themselves “The Plastics,” who on earth wants to be referred to as plastic? Anyways, they are incredibly mean to everyone and usually they don’t even have a reason to be. They are even mean to each …

  2. cogdog

    There is a Place Like Not Home


    Weeks and weeks had passed by, like listless grass blowing down the dirt lane, since she had returned home. Still, no one was going to challenge Dorothy as the saddest person in Seward County, perhaps in all of West Kansas. Not the moping cows, not even the Rogers family who …

  3. cogdog

    What is Dorothy Doing Shopping at the Villaggio?


    Another element I am using in my story is that Dorothy figure ut that to return to Oz, she would need to go shopping and find a new pair of ruby slippers, since you cannot expect to just fall out of the sky again and land on another witch.

    So …

  4. cogdog

    Travel Hippy Style With Ozmomatics


    As part of a ds106 final project story I am doing based on the Wizard of Oz, I have a part where Dorothy decides to go back to Oz. Not knowing how to find another tornado to whip her house (no one in Liberal, Kansas could explain how the house …

  5. cogdog

    Keep Clicking Those Ruby GIF Slippers


    What could be more key and symbolic of the magic of Oz than the red slippers that Dorothy snagged from the Wicked Witch who got mushed by her flying house? The fact that Dorothy always had the magic but did not know it until sparkly Good Witch clued her in. …

  6. cogdog

    She Would Rather Party in Oz


    Why was Dorothy so set n going back to drab, black and white Kansas? Was Auntie Em that much of the life of the party? If the truth were told, she would have expressed her desire to hang out with those wild Munchkins:

    As part of my evolving Dorothy story, …

  7. cogdog

    Which Side of the Rainbow, Dorothy?


    Dorothy seems timeless even looking back at the Wizard of Oz from maybe 80 years past its time. But her statue I saw on the streets of Liberal Kansas seemed kind of old, maybe it was just the texture of the metal, but I speculated she might get nostalgic for …

  8. cogdog

    GIFing the Streets of Liberal


    On my trek home earlier this month, I picked off of the map a route in Kansas that would take me through the near Texas border town of “Liberal” – which I read on a plaque has nothing to do with politics– it was in reference to the …

  9. kpyrtle

    What Mean Girls Do Best…


    This is “Supercut It,” it is video assignment 608 and worth 5 stars! The assignment reads,

    “Create a supercut montage of overused dialogue, themes, motifs, filmmaking techniques, etc. for a particular character, tv show, film, and/or public figure. A supercut is a “fast-paced montage of short video clips …

  10. anyideas

    Evolution and Natural Selection


    At my house we are currently in the middle of a move, so this means going through all the millions of boxes of your family’s stuff and deciding what stays and what goes. While rummaging through these boxes I came across my sisters old cell phone… a brick of a …

  11. anyideas



    This is an assignment I did way back but Alan had suggested I use my version of it as a assignment submissions so I created Text Impersonations, where you took a text based conversation and impersonate their voices. The process of making the conversation was quite simple. I recorded …

  12. sgtsocks

    The Final Post


    My final summary, then I’m heading home for break!

    So, here is my final story. I tried my best to make a short story that implemented what I do with EMS and make it fun. Sure, I didn’t entirely go into someone getting hurt, or me fixing them, but …

  13. amelialord

    The Summation


    To end the semester I:

    did the The Grand Finale: this changed from my original proposal because once I starting making the projects I just wanted to go with the next thing that popped into my head. I like how it turned out, I think it tells the most …

  14. amelialord

    The Grand Finale


    My grand finale has a few parts:

    Part 1 My story starts with a girl, named Eliza, who is soon to graduate from college. She, like most other college girls, is looking at her Pinterest in hopes the answers to all her finals will magically be “pinned” . She is …

  15. kpyrtle

    Dear Future DS106ers,


    I made this BEAUTIFUL collage of Keep Calm posters just for you! All semester I procrastinated, each week I told myself “This week I will start monday” but as Monday rolled around, I never did! So please, START ASAP. (If ASAP to you is SUNDAY, just don’t bother). And when …

  16. ericgreenlaw

    My Ideas for Stuff


    Daily Creates:

    Make a video of yourself eating something you hate

    Take a picture of one of your favorite somethings, playing a sport, watching tv, a special token, whatever it is.


    Remix one of your favorite tv shows so that it includes your family

    Take a video of someone …

  17. areeves

    Paying it Forward: To future DS106ers.


    DS106 can be difficult at times because it involves the internet and technology. Once you feel like you understand something and it works, this happens:

    And then sometimes you’ll forget to tag things or do the daily create and you’ll look like this at your roommate during a relaxing dinner.…

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