1. nstringer

    Final Summary

    Wow! All finished with DS106. What a fun-filled semester it has been. This is a perfect segway to attach a video for prospective students taking DS106 in the Spring. HERE is the Final Assignment! I started the week by making … Continue reading
  2. LyndseyLu Smith

    Assignment Ideas, Tutorials, and Dailycreate Suggestions! (:

    The following are links to my assignment ideas, tutorials, and dailycreate suggestions: My Visual Assignment…Shadow your Friends. My Design Assignment… Celeb Duo. A tutorial for a Visual Assignment. A tutorial for a Design Assignment. A tutorial for another Visual Assignment. So one of my dailycreate ideas was used this semester!! It was called eXtreme edit. The goal of the dailycreate was Basically edit the crap outta a photo! make a photo look eXtraordinary… I took this picture of my friend Nick and then decided to make it look even more powerful(: I used many different editing aspects from Photoshop to tweak it to make it look perfect. I used the focal … Continue reading
  3. LyndseyLu Smith

    Shadow Your Friends.

    This is my Visual Assignment creation: I decided I wanted to make a visual assignment that you could do with friends. This is the description: Take a group of friends of all different heights. Make the photo as creative as possible. Use different locations depending on the meaning you want to send out. This blog post serves as a tutorial also. First you need a camera. Then you need to get a group of friends that are mostly different heights. This makes the picture more effective. You then need to find an open location that you can hang out in and are able to use your camera. The location also … Continue reading
  4. anyideas

    Product Evolution Tutorial (Windows Movie Maker)

    Alright I am going to show you how to complete the Product Evolution Video Assignment. For this assignment we will take a piece of technology and make a short video showing the progression of the product through time. Getting Set Up We need to pick something to show it’s evolution, this can really be anything but easy ideas would be things like; cell phones, computers, TV’s, or gaming devices. For my video I choose the Calculator. Gather your time line, this is easy enough to do with a Google search of “timeline history” for whatever product you chose. My search of “Calculator Timeline History” brought me to this timeline. Now that we have the … Continue reading
  5. ericgreenlaw

    Common Every Day Object Tutorial

    The objective of the assignment “Common Every Day Object” was to take a normal, everyday object and manipulate the colors.  My roommate Tim is a New York Giants fan so I decided to have a little fun at his expense.  The first thing I did was to take a picture of his beloved Giants poster […]
  6. ericgreenlaw

    Silent Drive Tutorial

    For the assignment “Return to the Silent Era“, the object was to take a movie trailer and edit all the words out to make it like a silent movie.  I chose the movie Drive, because it did not have a whole lot of dialogue to begin with, but also because I liked the movie a […]
  7. aetherbunny

    Heir of Paths and Bucket Tool

    Continuing with my theme of “let’s parody every awesome line from Riddle-Master,” I give you my minimalist poster for the second book in the trilogy, “Heir of Sea and Fire”! MINIMALISM, AHAHAHAH. Why the heck did I ever think I could attempt minimalism? MY FAVORITE ART STYLE IS ART NOUVEAU, WHICH IS LIKE MINIMALISM’S POLAR ...
  8. kpyrtle

    Where are the Mean Girls Today?

    This is an assignment that I created called Where are They Now? it is Video Assignment 797 and it is worth 3 stars.  The assignment reads: “Don’t you hate how some movies just leave you hanging!! Do you ever wonder what happens to the characters next? Well this is your chance to let the world […]
  9. kpyrtle

    How my Best Works Ended up my Best Works

    I chose my favorite assignment from each category to be placed in my Best Works category. AND THE WINNERS ARE…DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Toy Story MashUp Creating this Mash-up of the Three Toy Story Trailers was interesting to say the least. It took a lot of time and thought to get it to flow in a […]
  10. kpyrtle

    I Created Daily Creates!

    I created 2 Daily Creates for the never empty Daily Create jar! First, a photography assignment! What is the ONE thing you must have in your life each day no matter what??     And then, what is your favorite movie scene?? I know you know the words enough to reenact it! SO DO IT! […]
  11. bparsons

    Tutorial: Makeup Your pet

    The easiest way (I’ve found) is to use pixlr. It has a lot more options and effects than paint. 1. When you go to pixlr.com you open Pixlr Editor (advanced). It then gives you a few options to upload from your computer, create new, etc… You want to choose the open image from your computer. […]
  12. kpyrtle


    Hi guys! After our video week, I decided that it would be really cool if there was a video assignment that entailed making your own Public service announcement! I created one for my “Hitchcut” assignment about teen pregnancy and thought it would be fun for others to do as well! So I submitted it as […]
  13. asterne1

    Weeks 13&14

    Weeks 13 and 14 were a rough time for me. My parents went on vacation, left me at home, my grandfather passed away, I was thrown into planning a funeral that was more than a week later. I honestly hadn’t even thought about school work. I didn’t go to class for over a week. I was way too busy. I did end up getting a one day extension, I don’t want to fall behind on the other work for the end of the semester so I’m just going to turn in what I did, which is nothing. I watched the videos on remixing, and wrote a blog post but that … Continue reading
  14. Paul Waltsak III

    gnihtyrevE sI A ximeR!

    The first thing I did for weeks 13 & 14 was check out Kirby Ferguson’s web video series, Everything is a Remix, which is a really interesting take on how original concepts or pieces of media are used and used and used over again. His videos can all be found here!! To start the process ...
  15. cogdog

    Measuring ds106

    cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by wester I’ve been asked to write a short case study profile of ds106 for a book someone is writing about online teaching and the question came up about how many people have participated in it. I’ve been tinkering at the main site to compile a semester by semester history. But yes, size and numbers. We know from courses taught at UMW since 2010, about 300 students have participated, and from the other previous classes elsewhere that have had students connect their blogs to ds106 (Temple University, Japan, SUNY Cortland, York College, Kansas State University, Jacksonville State University, Kennesaw State College) might be added another 200 students. Since we subscribe to the blogs of all people who participate, that should be a number we can get at. Currently there are 621 blogs we subscribe to; 63 have been de-activated because ...

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