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A day late (or what I prefer to refer to as a “finely aged” blog post), here is my weekly summary for Remix Week. End of the semester papers for History Majors crammed this week since as a reliable college student, I procrastinated them all, causing me to try to do everything (well, not everything) for this week during the weekend, thus resulting in this tardy weekly summary. But the important thing is I learned, a lot! I started the week by looking through the examples of what is a remix. I quickly realized that everything I do is a remix, because I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that I didn’t borrow the information on how to do it from someone else. Remixing is every person’s unique touch to something that has been done before, and that could mean anything. Even when I was a naughty kid in Elementary School, and my teacher asked me to write lines, each line was a remix of the line she told me to write in the first place. Take that Mrs. Byers! This is the original blog post for RemixThis. As I have been thinking more and more about remixing since that blog post, my thoughts have strayed into other things I could have added, like something about the remixed music that I listen to, but I realize now that since everything is a remix, I would be here forever adding more and more things to what is a remix.

The assignment that took me the longest to do this week was this four star assignment Actor Transformation assignment, where I showed how Lindsay Lohan has progressed through the years. I took on YouTube with its ContentID with the Fair Use defense, and apparently won, because the video is still up. It took me forever to find the right clips I wanted to tell my story of Lindsay Lohan’s career, but I think it came out very well.

After the Lindsay Lohan assignment, I treated myself to this 3 Star Mashup Those Movies assignment. I say “treated,” because I actually enjoy Photoshop. I was also able to put my own spin on the Disney invasion of Lucas Arts, but at the same time show my real opinion on how it might be a good thing. I made a movie poster that was remixed out of different movie posters and VWALAH! We have Disney’s Star Wars IV: A New Hope 3D.

Finally, I did a remixed assignment from the Remix Assignment Generator, and it gave me the task of making an infomercial combined with the Comic Book effect assignment. This is where I chose to add some recycled media from the DS106 recycle bin. It was the only place it made real sense to add any, because I think I would have confused people if I used recycled media in Linday Lohan’s career, or in a Disney Star Wars poster.

We are almost done DS106! This has been one of my favorite college classes so far, and I hope to leave with a bang in my Final Project! LET’SSSSS go!

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