1. capnmarkish

    Thesis Time!


    During the Beijing Olympics hosted by China in 2008, the United States’ media speculated about many cases a fraud by the Chinese athletes. This paper aims to analyze the claims made by the media through both United States and Chinese sources to see if there is any validity toward these …

  2. capnmarkish

    If I had a Nobel Prize to Give


    In my opinion, Mo Yan earned the Nobel prize, and deserved it. I believe it is unfair to place the label on him that he supports the state too much, or does not criticize it enough. It is imperative to me that we consider the audience Mo Yan intended to …

  3. capnmarkish

    Source for my paper



    Above is a link to an article on China Daily. The article has very little to report, but what it says is huge for what I intend my research project to show. One thing I like in particular about this article, and part of why I chose to talk …

  4. capnmarkish

    Image from the Chinese Cultural Revolution


    This picture is too powerful not to be mentioned. One of the first things I noticed about this picture was the iconic outline of Mao in the background. In my mind, I wondered how much citizens were exposed to his image. In a time lacking in high quality photo/video taking, …

  5. capnmarkish

    Research Paper Topics for HIST466


    One of my biggest passions in life is sports, so naturally the first topic I thought about covering for my term paper was something to do with sports. As we have been made aware of in the documentary we watched on modern Chinese culture, the Beijing Olympics were a huge …

  6. capnmarkish

    Two Perspectives on GLF


    Our class was assigned two contrasting books about China’s Great leap forward, one that showed a critical view point, and the other a more “official” viewpoint that was much more positive. The thing that jumped out to me the most was how even in the book that showed the “official” …

  7. capnmarkish

    Young and Restless in China


    One thing in particular about the film we were asked to review occurred to me approximately half way through the clip. The cities and infrastructure was built fast; perhaps too fast. A few minutes after this realization, a woman began to talk about the power lines that had been put …

  8. capnmarkish

    Setting Sail with HIST 466


    As I am too lazy to change my pirate theme yet from my DS106 class last semester, I felt the need to be puny to start this class off. I’m Tony, but most of you probably know me as the guy with car trouble. My reasons for taking this History …

  9. capnmarkish

    Ideas for Final Project


    I thought that last week we went over ideas for our final project, but as I am missing a grade for another ideas post, here is my post for my ideas. I evolved my idea on pirates and Christmas from one considering using suburban Christmas pirates in Fredericksburg, to one …

  10. capnmarkish

    Advice to Future DS106 Students


    First off, consider what you are wearing. I would advise that you not take too many pictures of yourself if what you’re wearing is some sort of fashion statement. Every year or so, fads go in and out of style, and what you are wearing now may look ridiculous. But …

  11. capnmarkish

    Bounty For the Dread Pirate Santa


    The Dread Pirate Santa is a wanted man, and if you have any information on the whereabouts of the man wanted for numerous copyright violations, a reward is now in place.

    This wanted poster was edited in Photoshop in an attempt to find this pirate and bring him to justice.…

  12. capnmarkish

    NORAD Tracks the Dread Pirate Santa!


    Here is the link! IT’S ALL TRUE!

    For years NORAD has tracked Santa for excited boys and girls on Christmas Eve, but after several company complains about copyright violations, NORAD will now track the “Dread Pirate Santa” in order to bring him to justice. The Dread Pirate Santa has illegally …

  13. capnmarkish

    Re-riga-Remix Wicka-Wicka-Week


    A day late (or what I prefer to refer to as a “finely aged” blog post), here is my weekly summary for Remix Week. End of the semester papers for History Majors crammed this week since as a reliable college student, I procrastinated them all, causing me to try to …

  14. capnmarkish

    Remixed Assignment!


    A little late, but here is my remixed assignment! After clicking on the remix assignment generator, I was asked to make an infomercial out of one of our previous assignments, and the Comic Book Effect assignment popped up. I decided to make my infomercial sell Photoshop, while combining the tutorial …

  15. capnmarkish

    On Remixing


    By far my favorite video we were asked to review this week was Disney Used to Explain Copyright (here be the clip): .
    I liked this video so much because of its tact, I shared it with several friends. Since YouTube uses ContentID to identify audio or video that is …

  16. capnmarkish

    EyeDears for the Final Project


    Our final project for DS106 is coming up and we have been asked to plan ahead what we want to do before we do it since we have to work with several forms of media. This is of course laughable, because pirates rarely plan anything; we just do.
    That leads …

  17. capnmarkish

    Video Editing Week


    As Professor Levine is aware of, this past week has been very eventful for me and has caused me to be late writing up my assignments, but I don’t want to get into why it was eventful.

    This week was tough! I collaborated with some friends to help me with …

  18. capnmarkish

    Tour of My Basement


    I’d say I apologize for the mess, “but quite frankly, I don’t give a damn.” (If you don’t get the movie reference, start watching more movies.) This is a tour of my basement. The assignment requirements in Sardonic Tours, asked me to pick a place I either loved or hated …

  19. capnmarkish

    What Makes Me Laugh


    Airplane! and its sequel are two of the funniest movies of all time in my opinion. I don’t need super dirty scenes and vulgar language to make me laugh. The simplest way to make me laugh is to just play with words. Throughout Airplane! and it’s sequel is the best …

  20. capnmarkish

    I Don’t Know Why You Say Good Bye, I Say God Be With Ye


    Get the Beatles reference? If you don’t, promptly YouTube search the song “Hello, Goodbye” by the Beatles before continuing to read. There really is no excuse. Anyways, I first heard about the origins of the word goodbye from a Spanish professor explaining why people say “adios” in Spanish. He explained …

  21. capnmarkish

    DS106 Food Time With Cap’n Markish


    The “McGangbang” is a food product made out of two McDonald’s sandwiches off of the dollar menu that causes much controversy amongst people who like to cause controversy over stupid things. People will argue with you about many different things, including where it originates, what goes in it, and what …

  22. capnmarkish

    The “Hitch Cut”, George Style


    The “Hitch Cut” is a video editing skill made popular by Albert Hitchcock that shows two clips that are completely similar, except the scene in the middle of the clips are different to change the entire meaning of the clip based off of what is seen. I felt like I …

  23. capnmarkish

    Week 10 Summary


    When watching the video editing clips assigned this week, I realized a really good thesis for this course. In this video, the narrator spoke about how cinema was an invention without a future, and it wasn’t until cinematographers discovered that piecing together different clips could tell a story. Simply put, …

  24. capnmarkish

    Matrix Editing


    The Matrix is a Sci-Fi/ Action film, because of the fighting, high energy, and stunts performed, as well as unknown to real life forces that the characters have to face. …

  25. capnmarkish

    Week 9 is now Fine!


    The Radio Shows were a success! It’s disappointing to see my group members are pointing fingers about who contributed what, and complaining about the lack of coherency of our group when we had such a successful product. My only thing to say about that is that everyone contributes in their …

  26. capnmarkish

    Autumnal and Haunting


    My group was asked to evaluate the Autumnal Radio Show. Off the bat, I felt like the sound of the campfire in the back was the most creative thing. I felt it unified the radio show’s theme while not being too distracting. I would have kept this as a motif …

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