1. capnmarkish

    How has YouTube changed?


    In the Assignment Way Back Time Machine, I used the Internet Archive’s Way Back Time Machine to analyze how YouTube has changed through the years.

    Originally, YouTube was very basic. Not too much main page advertizing made the page seem less clustered than today’s YouTube. The simpleness of the website’s …

  2. capnmarkish

    Daily Creates


    I have the power to solve many problems. The Ancient Egyptians had a large expendable work force to solve problems with pyramids. I wonder how long the Ancient Egyptians would have spent attempting to solve this Rubics Cube Pyramid. Personally, it only took me approximately 25 minutes to complete, but …

  3. capnmarkish

    Weeks 7 and 8 Combination Explanation


    Happy mid-term weeks everybody! It is truly one of the most stressful times you force yourself through twice a year! And just when you’re done with mid-terms, with a twisted smile and sadistic laugh, your professors tell you it’s time for finals preparation. So you pull out your now grey …

  4. capnmarkish

    Green Eggs and Ham Dramatic Reading


    In the audio assignment Suess It, we were asked to read a children’s book dramatically. I chose Sam I Am from Dr. Suess. This was harder than I expected. First off, I had to download the words off the internet, because I don’t own any of my old child …

  5. capnmarkish

    Daily Creates for Audio Crunch Week


    Avast, ye Daily Creates be ready!

    These small assignments had my Mom giving me stranger looks this week, as I snapped pictures of soup cans and toilets while calling them homework assignments. One assignment asked me to take a picture of soup, so I gathered some of the soup cans …

  6. capnmarkish

    Weekly Summary for Week Six


    Avast! I have Photoshop once more! It took me FOREVER to remember some of the editing options I had forgotten, for example, shrinking a layer (hit CTRL+T). But once I figured things out and got back into the swing of things, it was like an old friend to me. Because …

  7. capnmarkish

    The Wikipedia Tree


    Everyone remembers “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silversteen. Everyone uses Wikipedia. Well, the Giving Tree gave and gave, and so does Wikipedia to college students like me. On this assignment, I edited a children’s book, and turned it into a computer book by using Photoshop. I edited the title in …

  8. capnmarkish

    Daily Creates for Week 6


    For week six in DS106, we were asked to do 4 daily creates, which are random quick assignments put up by other students.
    For my first assignment, it was World Vegetarian Day, and I celebrated with a bunch of can goods I took a picture of. Instead of just blandly …

  9. capnmarkish

    Pitbull as Scarface


    Few movie covers are as iconic as that of Scarface. The vertically split cover between black and white, the red Scarface font, and Al Pachino with a gun and his name on the other side. I thought for a while, who is the most iconic hispanic person in pop-culture today …

  10. capnmarkish

    Betty White on the cover of Teen Mag!


    I’m not going to lie, sometimes, I make myself laugh. I thought for a while about who would be effective for a questionable figure to put on Teen Mag. Well, it came to me when I Googled Teen Mag images. I saw my opportunity in the corner of one were …

  11. capnmarkish

    Truthful Movie Poster for HP7pt2


    Face it, if you followed Harry Potter from movie 1, you were going to watch the rest of them. I fully support the fact of splitting the movie into two parts because some of the other movies seemed crammed for time, but it’s still fun to give the directors a …

  12. capnmarkish

    My Big Break


    National television knows La Barra Brava, and I’m a proud member. In Major League Soccer, there is no team with as much success as DC United, and their biggest supporter group is La Barra Brava. La Barra is always highlighted on broadcasts of DC United games, because we always go …

  13. capnmarkish

    Design Safari


    At the beginning of the week, I wrote a list of all the design elements we had to find so that when I had some spare time or thought about it, I could snap a picture. The first picture I took was that night, after my friend and I had …

  14. capnmarkish

    Week 5 Reflections


    Argh! Portraits galore was this week! Never have I ever had to take so many pictures in such a little time constraint than what was asked of me during the DS106 Photoblitz, but after reviewing tips on how to become a better photographer, I was less daunted.
    I made …

  15. capnmarkish

    Change of Emotion in Two Panels


    I simplified my colors to emphasize the emotions. At first, the Kicker is sick and green with anticipation, showing that he has no confidence in his kick, and then he misses and he’s blue with disappointment.…

  16. capnmarkish

    Adapt an Artist’s Work


    Norman Rockwell is one of my favorite artists. In this painting, Rockwell is trying to imply during the early 20th century that the United States still is a strongly Christian country. This is evident, because all the shops are closed, and the family is in their “Sunday best.” On the …

  17. capnmarkish

    Real Life to Cartoon Collage


    Since I was at my friend’s house for the Photo Blitz, I started looking at Visual Assignments to complete. My friend has depictions of chickens all over his house, and chickens all over his backyard. I took a picture of one of the chickens that had just been bullied by …

  18. capnmarkish

    Photography While Rushing the QB


    It’s eight men in the box, hard nosed photo blitzing! The key to photography while under pressure is keeping a cool head. Realizing that you have the time and the means if you are in the right position to be effective. Right position? Well, I positioned myself at my best …

  19. capnmarkish

    Week 4 Summary


    With Week 4 in the books, let’s go back and review the going-ons that took place.
    First off, I took the time to let everyone know it was National Talk Like a Pirate Day, so everyone could appreciate my theme. I started the week out by tweeting Admiral CogDog with …

  20. capnmarkish

    Act V Analysed


    Listening to this story showed me how much of an effect laying music can change the tone of what you are listening to. Sometimes the music can settle a person down or amp a person up, but it can also make a person feel something completely else. During the beginning …

  21. capnmarkish

    DS106 Radio


    I listened to Autumn Songs by Hank Soda today. I found his song choices particularly interesting and I told him so. I realized that he was playing songs that would remind a person of autumn. It made me ask, why was it not immediately obvious that he was playing autumn …

  22. capnmarkish

    Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad Summary


    When I was listening to Ira Glass talking about the relationship between the “anecdote” and the “reflection,” I thought about what it is like to watch a football game. A good way to think of the way he explained the anecdote, is why fans find sports entertaining, which is the …

  23. capnmarkish

    Week Three it Be!


    Unfortunately, before I am taught what Digital Storytelling it, I have to define it myself… *Sigh* well here it goes…

    In this tale about tales, you will find out how I feel about old tales and new tales, but nothing about tails.

    I thought long and hard about what …

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