NORAD Tracks the Dread Pirate Santa!

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Here is the link! IT’S ALL TRUE!

For years NORAD has tracked Santa for excited boys and girls on Christmas Eve, but after several company complains about copyright violations, NORAD will now track the “Dread Pirate Santa” in order to bring him to justice. The Dread Pirate Santa has illegally copied and distributed songs and movies each year on December 25th, and his reign of terror in the entertainment industry must be put to a stop. The Dread Pirate Santa must be made an example of for other potential copyright violators. This just goes to the point, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

I used Hackersarus’ X-Ray Goggles for this Web Design project to edit the NORAD Tracks Santa site to tell this sad digital story of the demise into criminality many children have looked up to.

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